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This weeks pictures are of Lucy. I’ve been told she doesn’t feature enough on the blog, which I guess is true being that Ella has dominated this space for the last 2 or so years… 

So Lucy and I have 3 days of the week together while Ella is at nursery. We go to baby sensory, swim, meet up with friends, run errands, do housework etc. I enjoy having time to spend with just her. Ella is 3, always on the go and in need of constant entertainment which can mean Lucy gets carried around a lot or left to entertain herself (which she is quite happy to do for the moment) while I do an activity with Ella. I feel I can make it up to her on the days when she has me to herself and she’s still at the stage when a wooden spoon and a pan or foil blanket will keep her occupied, unlike Ella where I more likely have to get paints, play-doh or a sensory tub organised! I’m enjoying exploring new things with Lucy, just like I did with Ella. Still ticking off her ‘firsts’. So here she is, showing off her new outfit in a mini and impromptu first ‘photo shoot’!…



Amy Dunn

Our first baby, Ella Mary, was born at the end of November 2010. We were shocked to find out soon after her birth that she has Down's Syndrome. I was determined from the start that Down's Syndrome will never define Ella or what she is able to do. We will provide for her everything she needs to become the child and the person she deserves to be. There will be hard times ahead.... there are already many hard times behind us. But I already know that the good times will always outweigh the hard times. She has taught me so much in such a short time and seeing life from a new perspective is a privilege that not many of us get the chance to experience.

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