This lovely lady, the Juice Lady Cherie Cablom to be precise, tells an inspirational story that I remind myself of any time I feel myself flagging in my healing process.

Like many of us, Cherie struggled with a chronic fatigue like illness that doctors were unable to diagnose. Cherie was lovely enough to take some time out of her bestseller writing, Dr Oz collaborating schedule, to have a chat with me about how she fought her way back from a debilitating mysterious illness, one juice at a time.

We chat about: 

Her healing crisis, in which she expelled a tumour-like object from her body.

Whether diagnosis actually matters in the healing process.

Her view on the actual cause of most illness.

Juicing vs blending.

How long juices be stored before they lose nutrients or start spoiling.

Whether frozen fruits/vegetables lose their nutrients.

The optimal fruit to vegetable ratio.

How long to juice fast and whether you should check in with a doc before starting.

Favourite add ons for histamine intolerance/chronic inflammatory conditions.

Why a low histamine standard diet isn’t going to heal.

Why cheating on a high nutrient diet isn’t worth it.

The mind as a healing tool.

The role of trauma in illness.

Cherie’s pre-gallbladder flush.

About Cherie Cablom, the Juice Lady.

Earned a Master of Science degree in nutrition from Bastyr University. She has practiced as a clinical nutritionist at St. Luke Medical Center, Bellevue, Washington, and as a celebrity nutritionist for George Foreman and Richard Simmons. Known as “The Juice Lady” for her work with juicing and health, her juice therapy and cleansing programs have been popular for more than a decade. She became known as George Foreman’s nutritionist and the other spokesperson for the George Foreman grills in 1996. She appeared continuously with Salton’s Juice Lady juicer and Juiceman juicer and the George Foreman grills on QVC for thirteen years where she sold millions of dollars in products.

Cherie is the author of 21 books including the bestseller Juicing for Life (Avery, 1992) with 2 million books sold in the US and published around the world in 23 countries. Other best-selling books by Cherie include: The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health, Revised Edition (Avery), Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life (Hachette), Sleep Away the Pounds (Warner), The Coconut Diet (Warner) George Foreman’s Knock Out the Fat Barbecue & Grilling Cookbook (Villard), The Ultimate Smoothie Book (Warner) and The Complete Cancer Cleanse (Thomas Nelson), and her latest books The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet (Siloam), Juice Lady’s Living Foods Revolution, and The Juice Lady’s Weekend Weigh Loss Diet (Charisma House). Coming January, 2013- The Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies (Charisma House).

Cherie’s books have been featured in four cover stories for Women’s World magazine. She has also had feature stories in USA Today, New York Post, First for Women, Quick & Simple, Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Newsweek, New Body, Fitness, McCall’s, Shape, Women’s Sports & Fitness, Oxygen, and Natural Health.

Cherie has appeared on Fox Morning News, Chicago Fox News (feature story), CNN, WCBS “Live From the Couch, and Jordan Rubin’s “Living Beyond Organic” as the on-air chef. She has also appeared in seven infomercials including the Juice Lady infomercial, the Juiceman Infomercials, and has co-hosted three George Foreman Grill infomercials with George and the Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine.

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