Do you ever just feel like you can’t catch a break with your health?  That one thing after another goes wrong with your body and there is nothing you can do to stop it?  Well that is how I feel right now, and I don’t like it one bit.  To be truthful, its depressing and it feels a little hopeless.
Today I found out that I once again have mononucleosis or mono for short.  I say I have it once again, because this is the third time I have had to experience an active form of this virus.   So on top of feeling crappy with my Crohns, I have mono.   The neurologist now hypothesizes that the mono is what is causing my headaches and vision changes, and it is possible that it is also causing some of my fatigue and my fevers.   Maybe it is a good thing that we have possible answers to my symptoms, but right now, to me, it feels like I just can’t catch a break.
In order to stop myself from throwing a pity party, I am trying to look at things in a positive light.  I am trying to be thankful for the positive things in my life.  Like the fact that there is nothing seriously wrong with my brain, that is a major one…I am grateful, I am not currently on a biological medicine that I would have to stop because of the mono.    I am agrateful that we caught the mono and now know the causes on my headaches.   Finally, I am grateful for great doctors who took the time to figure out what is causing my headaches.
So even though these things really don’t make being sick, again, any better, they do help me put things into perspective a little.   Yes this situation sucks, but it could be worse.   Today I try to be grateful for the things I do have in my life, while trying to conquer the mono that is sapping my energy in my not so normal life.


Sarah Brocker

Hi my name is Sarah Brocker and I have Crohn's Disease. I've got 8 scars and am missing two feet of intestines and my life isn't normal, but whose life is normal? I want to use my experiences to help you, even if it means sharing embarrassing experiences. I am also looking to break the stigmas associated with IBD in order to make living with IBD just a little bit easier. All I want to do is help, so please, let ME help YOU!

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