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This week I was lucky enough to get invited to an ilumi taste-off session at Vozars gluten free cafe in Brixton.

Vozars gluten free cafe, Brixton Village

Vozars gluten free cafe, Brixton Village

There were a bunch of bloggers from gluten free and allergy to health and lifestyle as well as ilumi, Celia Lager and Peter Lehman Wines who provided an interesting tasting session matched to the dishes..

There were some very interesting new meal creations to sample including Venison casserole with pancetta and sloe gin, Tender pork with suffolk cider and wholegrain mustard, Lamb in gluten free ale and haricot beans and Coq au vin.

ilumi Venison casserole with pancetta and sloe gin

Venison casserole with pancetta and sloe gin

All this lovely food was washed down with some delicious Australian wine courtesy of Peter Lehman wines. One note of caution, always check labels in wine if you have a dairy or egg allergy as some wines, especially Australian varieties do use milk and egg as fining agents. The white one that was to be enjoyed with the Coq au Vin did contain milk but luckily for me the red wine did not.

And there was always the Celia lager which is gluten free.

As you know I am a challenge in the catering department and some of these meals weren’t suitable for me as they contain tomato and I’m allergic to tomato or the chef had added to the dish and used one of my allergens. Luckily for me the plans had been laid and he served me up my favourite ilumi Ham, pea and mint soup followed by the Cardamom chicken which is my ultimate all time favourite. I love it and look forward to it on take-away night at home either with rice or quinoa or a Venice Bakery flat bread.

ilumi Cardamom Chicken meal with rice

Cardamom chicken with rice

I tried the Tender pork with cider and whole grain mustard for my lunch yesterday and it was de-lic-ious. Really tasty with a rich flavour and lovely thick sauce.

ilumi meals are completely free from any additives, preservatives and also all of the top 14 allergens. They use a clever retort system which cooks the food to kill any bacteria and then seals it in a vacuum in the pouches. I might not have explained this very well but it gives them a 12 month shelf life which makes them ideal for pubs, cafes or restaurants to stock.

If any food service establishment is worried about preparing safe meals on their premesis, these pouch meals can be simply heated in a microwave and served with whatever accompaniment you choose. It takes away a bit of the fear, the customer can read the packet before eating the meal so they know EVERY ingredient included AND they can have something tasty with their friends and family.

I love this idea, so next time you go to your local pub, cafe or restaurant and struggle to communicate about food or you suspect they aren’t keen on catering for your multiple allergies, tell them about ilumi. Spread the word and try some yourself.

Huge thanks to all the lovely bloggers I met, and also to ilumi, Celia lager, Peter Lehman wines and of course the lovely ladies at Tribal Media who organised this event. The goody bag was awesome!



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