Just a quick blog to share one of my latest ureka finds from the freefrom shelves. This is one for all you coeliacs, wheat allergic, wheat intolerant people out there and they are also dairy and soya free.

I don’t know if Warburtons are stalking me but they sent me a free sample of their new Plain gluten free Sandwich Thins which arrived on my birthday! What a lovely surprise! Thank you Newburn Bakehouse.

Newburn Bakehouse Sandwich thins with humous, watercress and pepper

Newburn Bakehouse Sandwich thins with humous, watercress and pepper

For me these were a revelation.
I tried them plain with just some coconut butter – divine.
I tried them with humous – see above. The make the perfect open sandwich and really, really do taste just like the real thing.

Newburn Bakehouse have cracked it. No crumbling. No holes. They were really tasty and would have made a great sandwich, they held together really well. I was greedy and ate four in one go as open sarnies.

These also come in seeded and fruit flavour. The seeded ones are very tasty and the fruity ones are waiting to be tried.

They are available in Tesco so get out there and sample some NewBurn Bakehouse Sandwich Thins.

They are gluten, wheat, dairy and soya free – hoorah!

Read the label carefully to check for your allergens before trying these. Always check!

Nb: They do contain egg so not suitable for anyone with an egg allergy.


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