What: Wellapalooza Retreat

Where: Colorado, USA. (Can’t make it to the states? Please sign up here to register your interest for a European retreat)

When: April 14th – April 19th

Costs: From $500

Sign up: here

Speakers (so far):

Dr Theoharides (top mast cell expert, NIH funded researcher)

Dr Keri Brown, N.D.

Yasmina Ykelenstam, The Low Histamine Chef



Imagine ordering food somewhere there’s no need to wax apologetic about your “weird” food issues. How about a place whose exercise classes are specifically tailored to your abilities/fitness level, somewhere they’re conscious of not pushing you too far, but not giving you an excuse to couch potato your way out of it.

It’s a land where cool heads, green juice and mindfulness prevail: somewhere to dip your toe into the alternate reality of healing without (or as an adjunct to) meds.

Where the teachers/workshop practitioners understand your condition, the nuances, the challenges and reality of it, because they’ve successfully overcome their own histamine/mast cell issues.

Welcome to Wellapalooza – a hista-sistas & mistas retreat tailored to histamine/mast cell disorders, by two mast cell warriors who’ve got this condition firmly in retreat.

Can’t make it to the states? I’m guaging interest for a European retreat, so please sign up here to let me know you’re interested in possibly attending – you’ll only receive an email if I find there’s enough people interested – this is NOT my regular mailing list, you will not receive anything unrelated to a date for the European retreat).


About Jan Marie Smith

Jan Marie Smith is a exercise and water fitness expert who has turned her life around from a crippling mast cell disorder with a wholesome, approachable, integrative lifestyle. She quit her job fifteen years ago as a chef/restaurateur to devote her time to healing and spreading the word about Mastocytosis, the effects of histamine on the body and mast cell disorders. Jan Marie travels the country conducting water yoga workshops and health and wellness seminars. She runs the fitness program at Mount Princeton Hot Springs and is excited to be hosting the 1st Annual Wellapooloza.

About Yasmina Ykelenstam, The Low Histamine Chef

Yasmina is an ex-CNN and BBC journalist, author of eight antihistamine and anti-inflammatory e-books and the founder of The Low Histamine Chef. Bed bound for almost a year, she was forced to quit her journalism career, before being initially diagnosed with histamine intolerance in London in 2010, which was then clarified as mast cell activation syndrome in the Virgen del Valle Hospital in Toledo, Spain in 2012. Yasmina manages her condition without any meds whatsoever, using mindfulness meditation and a high nutrient antihistamine and anti-inflammatory diet instead.

What we’re offering:

–       A week, or a few days, at the award-winning Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort

–       A carefully crafted antihistamine and anti-inflammatory green smoothie/juices and raw foods menu created by Yasmina Ykelenstam, The Low Histamine Chef

–       Learn the basics of the antihistamine and anti-inflammatory food 101 workshops

–       Hear the inside scoop on healing from one of the mast cell/histamine field’s leading experts Dr Theoharides of Tuft’s in Boston

–       Learn about the power of mindfulness meditation, its potential to heal mast cell/histamine symptoms and how to practice

–       Indulge in as many land and aqua yoga classes as your heart desires

–       Immerse yourself in the healing mineral springs that put Colorado on the map

Sample schedule:

(all activities are optional – you make your own schedule!)

9am – 10:30am: antihistamine and anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothie

10:30am – 12pm: speaker on natural healing

12pm-1pm: yoga or meditation

1pm-3pm: raw food (or cooked) lunch and antihistamine/anti-inflammatory juice/smoothie

3pm – 5pm: chill in the springs, gab with Jan and Yasmina, or optional meditation

Caregivers welcome.

Please Note:

1) Guests NOT staying at the Mt. Princeton Resort will be charged an additional one-time $50 fee.

2) If spouse or partner wants to attend workshops, the charge is $50.00 a day for them. Please select the TOTAL number of workshop days required.

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 Please don’t forget antihistamine, pain killing foods can still hurt us, so please always check with your doctor before adding new foods to your diet. 


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