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The internet worries me. Sure, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before, and that’s part of the problem. Spending hours, days, months, years, researching symptoms can sometimes bring relief: “no I don’t have cancer”, or diagnosis: “it’s actually mast cell disorder/histamine intolerance”, but also further confusion: “I’ve eliminated all histamine, why aren’t I feeling better? Guess it’s time to eliminate salicylates, benzoates, lectins, oxalates… ad infinitum.”

To what end? This week overheard in an online group, someone feeling better, about 90%, but just wants to get that other 10% to be fully recovered.

A very human sentiment. And I’m so, so, very happy that I’m privileged to have played any small part in helping get folks started in their healing, and even happier that they take the time to join my group, email or comment here to let me know the difference that a high nutrient antihistamine and anti-inflammatory approach has made, but to me, the goal is to be ok with not feeling normal 100% of the time.

Because what’s normal anyway?

Ask any “healthy” person to really, truly, focus inwards on their body and list everything they feel happening, or anything that bothers them, and you’ll likely get an “I’m healthy as an ox” type of answer. Probe a little deeper, persist, or even just ask general, open ended, round about questions about their health, and you’ll soon find a list emerging.

The difference is that they choose to live their lives focusing on things outside themselves, rather than worry about the little things that go bump in the night (or the body).

Thanks to some deep soul searching, an incredible turn around in health, lots of meditation and a focus on happiness, I’m 100% ok with however I feel.

But it’s all impermanent: today’s good health is tomorrow’s medical catastrophe. I’ve learned to enjoy the here and now.

Please, do me a favour. Right now. I’m serious!

Go out and find a piece of paper, and then a beautiful diary embossed with unicorns, Swarovski crystals, whatever floats your boat (I’m a plain Jane: a bog standard Moleskine notebook does me just fine), and write at least a page whenever you feel better, good, amazing, so happy you want to shout from the roof tops. Keep it, and read it, on the days when you’re sharing last night’s cheeky Indian take out with the toilet, and are convinced you’ve made no gains at all.

Now get yourself another. A dark, brooding, nasty one. Something adorned with migraine inducing geometric patterns. Write your heart out when you’re unwell. Pour your every misery into it.

But promise me you won’t read it! (This is important.). Wait at least 3 – 6 months before dipping into it. Then go for it. Feast on your former misery, appreciate how far you’ve come, and go out and inspire others to do the same.

My food/emotional/symptom diary formed the basis for most of my early, private, blog posts. They were my diary and I’m SO glad I kept track of them.

Because of my change of heart from a stressed out, relatively pessimistic, worrywart, to born-again healing goddess (yeah, in my head only), I do worry sometimes that my relentless optimism, incessant talk about my healing, is depressing some folks, or prompting them to measure their journey against my milestones, maybe those just starting out, the ones so daunted by the interminable NO or HIGH HISTAMINE (Danger! danger, Will Robinson!) lists people love to scare the crap out of us with, to make us believe we need their potions, their snake oil, in order to heal.

Hear ye, yeah ye:

YOU are your best treatment.

Nutrition is your most powerful tool.

A positive attitude will carry you through the inevitable downturns.

An appreciation of the suffering of others and a sense of perspective as to your own, is essential. Go to a hospital, or to Africa/Mid East if you have to. Believe me, when you see how people are truly in the poo, with not enough food, missing limbs, female genital mutilation and more, you’ll feel grateful for the health you have.

I like to believe though, that by sharing my story, I’m showing it can be done, whereas I personally believed for so long, that there was no hope for a “cure”. I now understand that my mind is the best (only?) cure (read my interview with author Donna Jackson Nakazawa on how her mind helped her heal).

You might think, if you only read my blog but are not active in any online communities, that I am the only one healing. While it’s lovely to be able to share with you, almost weekly, the incredible progress I’m making, thanks to diet and meditation, thankfully, that’s not the case.  An ever-growing number of people in my online groups, as well as those who write to me, are also healing at an incredible rate. I like to believe that simply by sharing my story, I’m showing there’s hope for all of us. Something I could have used hearing myself in those early, dark and desperate days of elimination and despair (more on how I healed by quitting the histamine elimination diet here).

To want that little extra, to feel totally normal, should be something we all strive for, an unattainable goal, because let’s face it, once we’ve grabbed those brass rings, the only way is down!

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Please don’t forget antihistamine, pain killing foods can still hurt us, so please always check with your doctor before adding new foods to your diet. 


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