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In the last two weeks I’ve gotten something in my eye twice.

One speck was so large I needed the assistance of my husband with the fine fine motor skills to remove it.

Then it hit me.

I never get stuff in my eyes.

Could this be the dreaded dry eye of menopause?

The tears slow down and don’t flush foreign objects effectively. Could that be part of it?

My friend Lisa Winkler  of Cycling Grandma wrote me a few months ago that she was having trouble with dry eyes. I checked in and she  reports  that her doctor gave her drops,Restasis, to use morning and night, that take about six months to do the trick. Lisa says she’s no longer waking up in the middle of the night with dry eye, but  she hasn’t found the drops to be a perfect cure, at least not yet.  Doc also suggested a humidifier.

Menopause Expert Ellen Dolgen has a great article on dry eye. Read it here.

As I wrote this post, my eyes feel dryer and dryer! Psychological? Let’s hope so.

But I do know I’ll check with my eye doctor about drops if need be.

What about you?

Any dry eye troubles?

Tips to share?

Big Eye

The Big Eye:  I snapped this photo in Dallas at Christmas. The thirty foot tall eyeball is the work of  multimedia artist Tony Tasset.  Read more about it here.



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