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6½ Great Tips To Make Us Smile Online.

1. Get Online. Whether you’re on a computer, mobile phone or table, social media is only a click away. Get started with the two most popular sites – Twitter and Facebook.

It’s so simple. You could be hooked up and connected with millions of people within minutes.

2. A Smiley group of people. Friend and follow National Smile Month. During the campaign we’ll be sharing lost of great stuff, from now you can get involved, to challenges and competitions where you can win some wonderful prizes.

3. Be social – Now that we’re friends, say hello – we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you’re getting up to during National Smile Month and what you find others doing too.

4. Involve others – Connect with friedns, family and colleagues online and tell them something about National Smile Month,the Smiley, and something about their oral health and wellbeing.

5. Post a Smiley photo – Everybody loves a selfie! Send yours with the Smiley to us directly or mention us in the post and we’ll upload your image to our massive photo gallery on for the whole world to see.

6. Share the love – Like, share and retweet interesting and funny posts you see about National Smile Month. Every single post has the ability to go viral and be seen by millions of people, so use this opportunity to spread awareness on the importance of oral health.

6½ Don’t be shy – If you have followed these great tips to make us smile online, you’re a superstar!

The only thing to do now is keep going. Stay active by posting National Smile Month messages and help grow the campaign.

Go Social for National Smile Month 2014 6½ Great Tips To Make Us Smile Online


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