Happy Easter to you all from What Allergy? There are lots of companies making freefrom dairy and nut free Easter eggs out there including Kinnerton, Plamin, D&D and Celtic chocolates but for those of you who failed to get hold of one or just fancied something different, here is an alternative easy, quick and totally freefrom Easter treat idea.

Brought to you with fruit and a Nairn’s oat cake!

Totally freefrom Easter egg treat with raspberries and Nairns oat cakes

Totally freefrom Easter egg treat

This idea is great for kids as they can help to make it, and also it’s freefrom nuts, peanuts, dairy, soya, egg and wheat and gluten.

All you’ll need are:

  • A punnet of juicy fresh raspberries
  • Your choice of Nairn’s oat cake, crumbled
  • Raw chocolate to garnish

We used a Nairn’s ginger oat cake but you could use any kind. Make sure you read the label. If you are coeliac make sure you buy the gluten free range.

Be creative too with your decorations.

Any fruit would do, you could garnish with Oatly cream or Coyo yogurt.

Enjoy your extra healthy freefrom treat without the calories of an Easter egg, though we did sprinkle on some grated raw chocolate which was dairy and nut free.

So Happy Easter all, hope you have a relaxing bank holiday break.


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