They say – whoever ‘they’ are – that sweat is fat crying. I guess ‘they’ are sweaty people in gyms…I prefer to think of it as my liquid awesome! ;-)

I am proud to be a sweaty gym person…especially following my ten-week review with my PT today! :-)

Now, this is terrible to admit…but I cannot remember if my waist has shrunk by 12cm or 21cm…but there was definitely a 1 and a 2 written down…erring on the side of caution, I will take the 12! I can remember 3cm off my right thigh – and this is the leg with the worst weird lipoedema-type symptoms, and 2cm off my upper right arm which feel so much more toned…so fat has gone and muscle has replaced it…and my PT seems to like the right-hand side of bodies! :-)

I counted in my Slimming World book and my fingers and toes reached 17.5lbs off during the past ten weeks too.

As for the 12cm versus 21cm…it doesn’t really matter to me either way. I still have a long, long way to go and am trying to keep the focus off the numbers where possible. I just know that I am making progress…I can FEEL it and that is what matters to me.

Also, my PJ bottoms keep falling down…so I know that things are shrinking! ;-)

One of the issues is that this head vs heart game does focus on the numbers…if the scales aren’t shifting then you are advised to take measurements, and if that doesn’t work then to look at clothing sizes…it seems that numbers are everything…and nothing – YOU are not a number!

For me, I am trying to consider how I feel…noticing things like PJ bottoms falling down, it getting easier to reach my feet, being able to drive my Mums little car when I couldn’t fit in the passenger seat not so long ago…and having room to spare now, being able to play horsey with my niece and nephew and carry them around on my back whilst I walk around on all fours eating imaginary carrots, being able to deal with the horses when the farrier is there, watching how quickly my heart-rate comes down during high intensity sessions (even though that is a number I guess!), being able to roll over in bed without nearly falling off the edge, fitting in chairs with arms…the list goes on.

Then there are the health benefits…a massive reduction in my diabetes medication, curing my endometrial hyperplasia, less aches and pains, easier to breathe, no more headaches day in day out, easier to think – I feel less ‘hazy’…again, the list goes on!

So whilst I was a bit miffed with that 0.5lb gain this week, the above stuff puts it into perspective. I think it is so easy to forget how hard life was back then…at 43st 5.5lbs…I think it’s easy for you to forget why you started too. A little progress review – avoiding the numbers! – is very worthwhile every now and again.

Even Mr WLB had great results – his body fat was down from 30% to 18%…although I am currently watching him polish off his fifth Easter Egg this week and am wondering how the heck he managed to achieve this! ;-)

That’s it for me tonight folks. I am off for an early night…I am feeling a bit tired at the moment…probably not helped by my clumsiness this week and my PT session today!

Breakfast: Bean salad with roasted veggies and a banana!

20140417-102532.jpgLunch: Cheeseburgers and fruit (2 x HEA, 2 x HEB, and 2 syns).

20140417-184630.jpgDinner: Jacket potato, beans, cottage cheese, and salad.

20140417-191856.jpgSnack: Trek protein coconut flapjack (12 syns).

20140417-184449.jpgA lovely food day today! Brekkie was a weird one…the leftover bean and veggie salad with a banana…it fuelled my workout well enough. Lunch was my gorgeous meatfree burgers from Asda with some fruit. Dinner was quite straightforward – jacket potato, beans, cottage cheese, and salad. And my snack was immense…a coconut flapjack from Trek…the Nakd people…I am hooked! :-)

Exercise: Warm up followed by 60 minutes of PT.

Thank you for reading,

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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