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Driving restrictions / Contacting the DVLA

One of our members has spent many hours attempting to determine the most straightforward and simple way to inform the DVLA following your device implant.Your GP/Consultant will have informed you that for a period of time following the fitting of your device that you will be unable to drive.You must inform the DVLA

The following list will help you through this task.

1.  Phone the DVLA  – Telephone:  0300-790-6806.
2.  Select “Option 5” , this time you will be answered by a real person.
3.  Answer all their questions.
4.  The DVLA will then send you a form and reply envelope.
5.  Return the form, with your driving licence, to the DVLA.
6.  Request the return of your driving licence at appropriate time.
7.  Providing that your doctor has certified that you can drive again after the requisite
period, you may drive again, it is not necessary to wait for the return of your licence
from the DVLA.

We must emphasise that this is the experience of only one of our members, and that the  DVLA is continually updating/changing it’s requirements.
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2 Responses to Your ICD and the DVLA

  1. Tom Wigley

    Regarding “doctor’s” permission. I finally completed this painful and protracted (in my experience!) process recently. Does “doctor” mean your GP or your heart consultant or the consultant’s “delegated” representative on Earth, such as a Pacing Clinic? I wrote to my GP who was helpful but uninformed in this regard. I spoke with my Consultant’s secretary who assured me that only the DVLA could give permission. Hmm. I think it was my Pacing Clinic who finally ignited the DVLA’s blue touchpaper. My point is that, from my experience, there is inconsistent and incomplete understanding of the rules by the medics (sorry!)

    • Thanks for your comment, Tom. We hear this from many patients, and yes, the pacing clinic is a good place to start. ICDC Surrey was set up to provide a forum for patients to ask for help, which is why we post members’ experiences. And in this case, doctor implies Consultant and not your GP.

      We’d like to hear and share other peoples’ experiences, either by commenting here or on our website.

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