‘Bless ya xxx Keep going u will get there! X’ This was the response that I got from him when I sent my text update after getting on the scales this morning.

He is a gem! I feel quite sorry for him on weigh-in day – the last thing he says to me each week as I leave the house is, ‘Text me and let me know how you get on.’ If it’s been good news, I get a message back almost instantly…if it’s not so good then it takes him quite some time to respond – he tells me that it’s because he is working out the best thing to say! :-)

This week saw me facing the same numbers as last week…a big fat ‘stay the same’. I can’t say that I was pleased. In fact, it is a miracle that the incredibly expensive Slimming World scales didn’t end up flying through the window.

But I am okay with it. I looked in my book and haven’t had an STS moment since the middle of December 2013, and my only gain since then and now has been 0.5lbs. Which is great I suppose. And as I keep getting told, ‘It’s better than a gain!’…I guess I should be grateful to the Slimming World Gods then?

Am I bollocks though?! ;-)

I work my arse off each and every week – losing weight is my job. I take it incredibly seriously because it is so, so important to me. So forgive me if I get a bit miffed with gains and staying the same.

There was a recommendation for me to change my breakfasts…and then to try a few days of Extra Easy. But I am not going to. It would just be a knee-jerk reaction to a week in which my body could simply be looking for a rest, or replenishing bone density, or muscle.

It kind of irritates me that I have to think about things so much at times though. I just want to be able to eat healthily – as I do now – without constantly having to rethink my options. So I am going to leave as is this week. I am not going to think too much. I am just going to follow the plan and see what happens. If next week doesn’t bring a better result, then I will get my thinking cap on! :-)

I suppose it’s pay-back for the years of not thinking when it came to my eating…the mindless binging that I did which took me to 43st 5.5lbs. Being 23st 2lbs is a far better place to be…but it’s not where I am fecking staying! ;-)

That’s it for me today. I was fed up this morning, but headed to the gym in my snazzy new trainers to work out my frustrations. My foot is giving me real grief today, so I took it steady and just did a slow walk on a pretty high incline (level 10) which got my heart-rate up nicely, got my bum muscles working, and got a good sweat on! I then hit the weights and a couple of grunts escaped as I had upped a few of the weights in order to really tire myself out…I can’t moan and whine if I am tired! ;-) Then I warmed down on the treadmill and did a couple of Pilates stretches to loosen up my back after my heavier dead lifts.

This morning was spent getting Mr WLB to the doctors, then for blood tests, seeing the horses, heading to the shops, then to the charity shop to drop off some donation items, before heading to group. This afternoon has been spent catching up with ‘admin’ – which actually means watching the last two episodes of ‘Revenge’! :-) I am off to catch up with ‘Person of Interest’ soon…and am going to try and be less bothered by my body just doing what bodies do when they have lost a shed-load of weight! And it’s business as usual tomorrow…with a PT session to look forward to.

Breakfast: Boiled eggs and a banana.

20140520-184403.jpgLunch: Jacket potato, cottage cheese, beans, and grilled veggies.

20140520-184505.jpgDinner: Cheeseburger pittas stuffed with spinach, and radishes, cherry tomatoes, and apple (2 x HEA, 2 x HEB, and 2 syns).

20140520-184608.jpgSnacks: Velvet Crunch (24 syns).

20140520-184735.jpgA nice tasty Green day today! My usual brekkie was followed by another favourite…jacket potato, beans, and cottage cheese. I didn’t fancy salad today, so opted for grilled veggies as my superfree with it. Dinner was a bit buggered…none of the wholemeal rolls that count as my HEBs in stock, so Mr WLB chose pittas instead. It was okay…but not the same as a good burger. I stuffed the pittas with spinach, the Asda meatfree burgers, and cheese, and added some radish, tomato, and apple to the plate.

Exercise: 15 minutes hill-walk on treadmill, 65 minutes weights, 5 minutes treadmill cool down and stretches.

Thank you for reading,

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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