A day in the life of an allergy blogger is never dull. The doorbell is often ringing with new deliveries of freefrom stuff to try out. There have to be some perks to blogging apart from the proud feeling when they look really good, come out just how you wanted them to, or when I get lovely comments from people who have found support here. They mean so much.

Sometimes stuff arrives and I can’t eat it… I do have rather a lot of allergies and have to avoid nuts, dairy, soya, egg and wheat so quite often freefrom stuff is still no good. I eat a processed food free diet so I often don’t enjoy freefrom foods either as my taste have changed to prefer less sugar and fat. The body is a temple and all that.

Alcohol appears to sneak through the processed food rule. I don’t know how that happened but a girl needs some vices…

Parcels of goodiesfrom FreeFrom companies who have taken the time to check I can eat their stuff mean a lot too. Can you guess what’s in this one?

Gluten Free Van Bulck Beer delivery

An interesting parcel came wrapped in brown cardboard and tied with a ribbon

Well when I discovered this parcel contained beer I was even more pleased. I love beer and began my drinking career (after the cider which we don’t talk about) when I discovered the joys of real ale in my teens. I didn’t want to waste my time on small glasses of wine or shorts which girls were supposed to drink, beer seemed to be cheaper, tasted great and impressed the men!

So over the years when beer began to make me ill I was very sad. I can tolerate some normal beers but I think I’ve sussed out that barley beers are OK, wheat beers are not. Many don’t contain any wheat and others also naturally contain such a small trace of gluten or wheat that they are OK for coeliacs and wheat allergics to drink but it can be a case of russian roulette. They NEVER know in pubs when it’s cask ale, but on bottles now I’ve noticed that beer is labelled with the allergens it contains. If there is wheat it says so.

Van Bulck gluten free beer - very hoppy and refreshing.

Van Bulck gluten free beer – very hoppy and refreshing.

Thank you very much to Van Bulck, the new gluten free beer on the block. This Belgian beer made with barley and hops is just delicious, very hoppy and refreshing and left me wanting another bottle. I tried the Organic lager and White Beer but they also make a fruit beer which wasn’t suitable for me as it contains the evil coriander. There is something wrong to me about fruit beer. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like fruit in a main course. No… fruit is for pudding. Call me old fashioned.

Visit their website to find out more about Van Bulck gluten free beers.


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