Only two weeks until The Allergy Show opens its doors once again. I usually look forward to it and plan to attend as many days as I can. This year however I am excited about the show but also a little daunted at having agreed to speak.
Allergy Show 2014 - Olympia Earls Court
That’s right. You heard me. I’m speaking this year at THE Allergy Show, live, in front of hopefully huge crowds of people sharing my story; Living with multiple allergies – tales from the front line.

Eeek! #runsandhides

So I am busy drawing cartoons of my experiences as I’m quite a visual gal, I like to see things pictorially and am trying to avoid death by powerpoint. One thing I should point out now is that I can’t draw – should be worth a laugh just to see my awful artwork?

On a more serious note I want to share my outlook on living with allergies. It’s not all doom and gloom and missing out. It’s hard work but things are getting better, slowly. I’m hoping my story is interesting and helpful to some of the audience and that someone actually does comes to see me speak. No hang on, if noone turns up for my bit does that mean I’m off the hook?

I hope some of you will come along and support me. No heckling from the back!

If you don’t have a ticket yet you can download one from The Allergy Show website.

The show is taking place at Olympia, London from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th July. I’m speaking on Sunday 6th at 12ish.

Oh what have I let myself in for?

If you have allergies or coeliac disease and are uming and ahing about whether to take the time to go and have never been before, do go! Please do, it’s a brilliant show and just gets better every year. If you have any life threatening allergies which cause anaphylaxis be very aware of anything you taste. Check, check and check again and insist on reading ingredients. Have a safe show and borrow Granny’s shopping trolley on wheels – there will be loads of goodies to try, buy and freebies. Book in for a back massage now (The Back Pain show is next door) because you will try to carry home too much ;)


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