This has to be the coolest – in more senses than one – birthday present ever! :-)


It’s an individual ice-cream maker…and the best thing about it is that you can make the healthiest treats in it. My ‘ice-cream’ tonight was made with 0% Total Greek yogurt, cherries, and blueberries – totally syn-free and totally delicious!

20140618-190453.jpgI couldn’t wait to share this little find with you. My sister bought hers from Tesco – but as I hate Tesco with a passion (my horrid old boss works there!) I would advise that you get yours from Argos or even Amazon…but I am not too keen on them either! ;-)

Anyway – enough about my dislikes – let’s get to the much likes…like ice-cream! :-)

My tastes have changed so much over the last few years. When I tried my sisters ice-cream – which she had made with a toffee Muller light yogurt – it was a bit too sweet for me. But is was still excellent in the fact that it tasted like a really naughty treat. So I asked her to buy me one for my birthday…and she delivered! :-)

Basically, you put the bottom of the ‘ice-cream’ – the rubberised cone section – in the freezer. Inside it looks like a cool bag ice pack thingy…which freezes. Once this has frozen you add in your choice of treat – I think my sister likes the toffee yogurt with bananas in it. And then you just squidge the rubberised cone – literally just squeezing it in your hands. The stuff you put in it comes into contact with the cool bag part, and it freezes. So you end up with a frozen treat.

A couple of years ago it was nothing for me to polish off a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs. A small tub of this is about 15 syns I think, whereas the whole cone of this ice-cream – and you get a fair amount – can be syn-free. Given the lovely weather we are having at the moment, it means you don’t have to skip the sweet treats.

As I mentioned, my tastes have changed and so I like to make mine with plain yogurt and fruits. As well as my tastes changing, I am getting more and more concerned with fuelling my body with decent foods. However, there has to be a balance…so if I can enjoy something that looks like a gorgeous ice-cream, but that is really bloody good for me, then it’s a win-win as far as I am concerned.

I am going to try my cheats Black Forest gateau in it soon – the cherries, 0% Total Greek yogurt, and cocoa Nakd bars!

So if you want to have a closer look, then check out the Chill Factor website. I reckon it’s a great buy…especially with the summer holidays coming up.

Enough about ice-cream treats. Today has been a good day. Yesterday was a bit manic – I had so many lovely messages from people, and the official Slimming World Twitter account retweeted something of mine and I ended up being inundated with messages…which was lovely, but meant that I was glued to the iPad for most of the evening…so tonight I am taking a break. Well, I also have a lovely couple of ladies to catch up with – a coaching client and a friend of mine up in Scotland. I managed to find a great health food shop today and am hoping to load Mr WLB with goodness over the next few days. We then saw the horses – I had to put my little Shetland in his stable today as he isn’t well, bless him. His breathing is bad and he is struggling to walk – so he is in with some Piriton tablets, which usually do the trick. He can get foot issues, but other than struggling to walk, there are no signs that this is the problem, so I am going to check out some joint supplements for him too I think. The men in my life aren’t faring very well at the moment! I didn’t fancy the gym today – we were planning on a walk, but I wilt in the heat and decided to come home and have a Pilates session instead. Then I had a face mask and body scrub and spent my birthday money on Pilates bits and pieces. And that has been it really. I am gearing up for a major PT session tomorrow…so need my rest! :-)

Breakfast: Banana and boiled eggs.

20140618-180432.jpgLunch: Jacket potato, beans, cottage cheese, tuna, and salad (3.5 syns).

20140618-180511.jpgDinner: Sweet potato with cheese, veggies, and crab (HEA).

20140618-180551.jpgSnacks: Bounce ball (10.5 syns), brazil nuts (HEB), and my frozen yogurt.

20140618-190555.jpgAnother good food day – an Extra Easy one for a change. My usual brekkie was followed by the same lunch as yesterday, although I added my own tuna – which turned out to have syns in. It was the John West tuna with lemon and black pepper dressing and was 3.5 syns a sachet – it was nice though, so worth the syns. Dinner was good. I had jacket sweet potato topped with cheese, some veggies – pepper, courgette, and red onion – and some crab for a nice change. The best part of the day was my Bounce ball – it was an immensely tasty peanutty ball of squidyness – I loved it…11 syns – and yes, I thought it was worth it…although I am sure that the fecking syns police will have something to say about it…probably the same ones who like 1 syn cakes with half a ton of sweetener in them! ;-)

Exercise: 45 minutes Pilates.

Thank you for reading,

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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