I’m around 2 weeks into my new lifestyle and I have to say that I feel pretty good! I’ve still not joined a new gym, the old one closed down, but that is on the cards this week. But my diet has changed beyond all recognition, and not before time.

New Food

I’m following the doctor’s orders and eating at least 5 fruit and veg a day, avoiding any sugary food, zero booze, and no dairy products. My daily calorific intake has almost halved, I counted a few days ago and I am eating about 1400 kcals per day. I do a blood sugar reading a few hours after my meals and I’m surprised at how different the results have been. I started off with cereal and a banana in the mornings and was amazed to see my blood sugar levels were over 10 mmo/L even 2 hours later! So I switched to rye bread with no spread, and a little peanut butter. The readings shot down to around 7!

Veggie Food

I’m also trying the vegetarian options as well as having fish twice per week. I can tell you that Quorn absolutely blows a big one! This stuff is not meant for human consumption, because it neither looks nor tastes like something you would wish to place in your mouth. But I was happily surprised by Linda Mc Cartney’s offerings. God bless her, I’ve tried most of her burgers and sausages and they’re pretty tasty. The point is all about keeping down the fat and carbs, and these seem to do the trick.

What’s Next?

I’ve shifted half a stone in 2 weeks and will be doing more exercise as soon as I find a decent local gym. On 3 x Metformin per day plus one Ramipril for the old blood pressure, and a multivitamin tablet. I’m hoping to see my blood sugar readings start to return to normal in a few months, but will look online for any suggested cures that I may have missed. I did hear that Magnesium is a great way to beat blood pressure and diabetes. England have lost their opening match, I really hope we can do it against Uruguay though! We all need a lift now and then, and on that sober note, I’ll say bye for now!




3 Responses to Me and Linda

  1. Kirsty

    Some of the Quorn stuff isn’t too bad – just depends what you buy!!! But i’d agree that Linda does better stuff but don’t give up on Quorn – it was a live safer when i was a veggie for 10 years!

  2. Hey Kirsty,

    I was probably being a bit harsh there 🙂
    Care to pass on any tasty quorn recipes?


  3. Kirsty

    I’m afraid i was veggie from age 9-19 so things have probably changed a bit since then! I’m sure they’ve brought out loads of new stuff – if you can get to one of the big supermarkets they basically have a whole aisle dedicated to this kind of stuff now!

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