I was so excited when the postman delivered these gorgeous Pilates shoes!


You see, I have foot issues. I hate bare feet…and the thought of standing bare foot and doing Pilates or Yoga makes me shiver…so I tend to just slide around in socks and do the best that I can.

But not anymore. I took these beauties with me this morning and was incredibly impressed! :-)

Not only did the packaging make me smile…

20140614-172610.jpg…I also loved my little feet in them!

20140614-172832.jpgSo I managed foot slides, roll-downs, the clam…all sorts of moves in my Pilates class today, without any sign of slippage. I also had a little thought, as I was trying to point my foot during a certain move, that it was the closest to feeling like a ballet dancer that I would ever get! ;-)

Actually, I have found myself wearing them around the house too…I am not really a slipper person, as my feet get too hot, so these are perfect for my slippery wooden floors at home.

I have to say a massive ‘thank you’ to Lisa and Eleanor at Daisy Roots – I was really cheeky and asked them for a pair in return for a review…something that I have never done before. I did warn them that I was incredibly honest, and that if the shoes were a bit pants, I wouldn’t be telling any fibs in return for a freebie! They have faith in their Pilates shoes…and so do I now. If they can prevent my not very stable bodyweight from sliding around, then they are good to go as far as I am concerned.

If you fancy purchasing a pair, they are £26 and can be found here. They come in black, pink, and baby blue and are lush to wear – so soft and squidgy! They also do a wider fitting one for people like me who have square feet! :-)

I will give you some bumpf off the website too – or else I won’t feel as if I have done a good job…

Pilates shoes – key features:
Designed in conjunction with professional Pilates instructors
Soft chrome free leather upper, slip resistant sole and padded insole
Lightweight and flexible, allowing a natural feel but with added resistance
Elasticated cross straps and heel ensure shoes stay on throughout your workout
Extremely lightweight

Not only do they make these lush Pilates shoes – but they also make gorgeous little leather shoes for babies. If you want to take a sneaky look at these, then have a look here!

So that’s it from me…I am off to stick my Pilates shoes on again and do a few stretches! ;-)


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