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Okay, my lovely GP also told me that if I changed my lifestyle for the better, it was possible that I could live a normal life and could also do away with the need for Metformin in the future.

You see, I hate the idea of relying on some crappy medicine, it just sounds like something that really isn’t me.
I do know a fair amount of people who have loved with type 2 Diabetes and seem okay with it. But these individuals haven’t been near a gym for years, and they also drink fairly regularly.

I asked them about the Metformin tablets, do they really make you feel like crap when you have an alcoholic drink?
Well, most of them say that you can get used to it, or just skip the tablets when you have a drink.

I also asked them if they had tried to manage their Diabetes by changing their diet and taken up regular exercise, and almost every single one of these folk replied in the negative.

Hmmm (that’s me thinking by the way!) I then decided that I would prefer to go through 6 weeks of ‘hell’ if it meant that I could maintain my blood sugar level to a normal reading thereafter. And that means without using tablets after 6 months.

So this blog will offer me some form of accountability and also a way to record my readings.

If you read my ‘about’ page, you will see that I had a 2 week binge of food and drink immediately after being told the news.

So from today – 5th June 2014, I will be changing my ways:
• 4 visits to the gym each week
• No more booze whatsoever
• Eat only foods that are Diabetes Friendly
• And yes…take those bloody tablets.

I’ll do a weekly blood sugar test and post the results up here, but this is not a pity blog, please do not think that!

I’ll do my best to entertain, because after all, I am a professional writer for God’s sake! And more importantly, I will upload any recent and relevant Diabetes current affairs topics.

I also have a Facebook Page –
And a Twitter profile- @ManVDiabetes

See you soon, and don’t forget to write!


Phil Hall

My name is Phil, and I’m a married man in his 40’s who happens to enjoy fine dining and even finer fines. You see, since the age of 30, I’ve eaten pretty much whatever food I have felt like. I just didn’t care about the consequences, who cares if I piled on a few extra wheelbarrows of padding along the way? Married life certainly agreed with me, or at least that was what I thought. To cut a long and tedious story short, about 4 weeks later I discovered that I had developed type 2 diabetes somewhere between a few ice creams and my penchant for frozen wine gums!

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