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Where were we? Oh yes, so I started taking the metformin about a week and a half ago and I’m having no issues with it to be honest. This week I have upped the dose to twice daily, next week will be three and after 4 weeks, lucky old me will be on 4 per day. I’ve also started on the high blood pressure tablets this week, little devils called Ramipril. I could have sworn that I was rattling as I walked down the road yesterday evening.

New diet…new blood sugar readings

I’ve also made drastic changes to my diet and about time too really. As the good doctor advised, I’m experimenting with different foods and taking a blood/glucose reading 2 hours after each meal. I tried my usual cereal on the first day and when I tested the blood, it came in at 13.1! This was not cool! So I switched to some cardboard like bread with a low fat spread the next day and I was far happier with the 7.1 reading. I’m eating around 1500 calories per day and my carb intake is around 100 grams. As well as 3 meals, I have a snack of celery, carrots, cucumber and this avoids any sugar lows apparently. I miss tasty food but I’ve got to try and make the effort. One day, in the distant future, I’ll have a kebab again, but I may ask them to hold the garlic mayo this time!

Life insurance blues

Aviva, my would be life insurers, the reason why I discovered I had type 2 diabetes, called me to let me know that they were not going to insure me after all. My blood glucose fasting reading of 6.8 combined with my BP of 154/98 was enough reason for them to refuse me. So I started calling companies who accepted sick bastards like me and pretty soon realised that I’d be paying double the premium for the same cover…deep joy!


I got quite excited to learn that ITV were showing a program about the diabetes epidemic last week and watched the show with mixed feelings. They estimate that 3 million people may have diabetes, or be prone to developing it soon. That’s a lot of people, I felt glad that that number didn’t include me. And then I watched in some dismay as I saw a few clips of people who lost limbs, eyesight, and their lives by ignoring this silent killer.

Brazil 2014

So I am really looking forward to a month of footballing madness, it will take my mind off kidnapped schoolgirls, pervert TV personalities, and the British weather. Okay, poor old Roy and the boys have less chance of lifting the trophy than I have of growing hair, but at least it should be a little bit of escapism. The final will probably be Brazil against Germany, but at least I’ll be another month into my healthy lifestyle by then, or at least that’s the plan!

Come on England!



Phil Hall

My name is Phil, and I’m a married man in his 40’s who happens to enjoy fine dining and even finer fines. You see, since the age of 30, I’ve eaten pretty much whatever food I have felt like. I just didn’t care about the consequences, who cares if I piled on a few extra wheelbarrows of padding along the way? Married life certainly agreed with me, or at least that was what I thought. To cut a long and tedious story short, about 4 weeks later I discovered that I had developed type 2 diabetes somewhere between a few ice creams and my penchant for frozen wine gums!

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