rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Strawberry Whip and Blackberry Ice Lollies



I love blackberries and the fact they grow wild in the garden. I have been searching for the best healthy recipes using blackberries, and will write a blog on this soon. For today’s blog however, I decided to make some … Continue reading


Epilepsy awareness survey 2014


epilepsy survey results for talkhealth

Did you manage to visit our online clinic on epilepsy in May 2014? If you missed the clinic you can read through the content here. Alongside this clinic, we ran an epilepsy awareness survey. To find out our survey results for our … Continue reading


Sorry for the Absence


You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been silent on the blog and Twitter front for a while. This has been for personal reasons but now I’ve decided to come back. A few people messaged me to ask … Continue reading


Diabetes increases risk of head and neck cancers


Testing for diabetes

People with diabetes are at ‘significantly’ greater risk of developing head and neck cancer, according to new research. The study discovered that groups of patients with diabetes are almost 50 per cent more likely to develop the disease compared to … Continue reading


Tooth decay – what is the root of the problem?


Dentist examing patient

It was front page news in the Sunday Times, and the story continues to rumble on. The report published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre that revealed more than 25,000 children aged five to nine were admitted to … Continue reading


Bladder, bowel and digestive health clinic 2014


talkhealth clinic on bladder, bowel and digestive health

Did you manage to visit our online clinic on bladder, bowel and digestive health? If you missed it or would like to read through the questions and answers you can see all the content here. We would like to thank … Continue reading


We aren’t all the same..


” All a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to her that they aren’t all the same”- Marilyn Monroe. Evening all. I thought I had to write a blog post after seeing this quote, in fact I … Continue reading


Strength by numbers.


“I may not be the strongest, I may not be the fastest but I’ll be damned if I’m not trying my hardest”-Anon. Success. Merit. Worth. All three words can depending upon the context make or break a sentence. It’s whether … Continue reading


From living with eczema to living without eczema



  Learning how to live with eczema is important. Living with eczema means understanding what eczema is, and what needs to be done about it. Living with eczema also means discovering how to get on with life regardless, and not … Continue reading


New clinical trial in bowel cancer


Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered how two genes – called MEK and MET – cause bowel cancer cells to become resistant to treatments used against the disease, according to research in the journal Cell Reports*. “Our discoveries in this … Continue reading


Mencap Top Talent


Well I promised in my last post that I’d let you know how the talk went… It’s been three weeks and I’ve just not managed to find the time for one reason or another. So I apologise for taking so … Continue reading


Garden Blessings and a Cancer Diagnosis


Pink Zinnea

I’m a reluctant gardener. Perhaps because I can only grow zinnias and marigolds.  For real. All other seeds fail me. Perennials, except for a few, refuse to reappear in the spring. But this year the gardening muse took over, and I … Continue reading


Biggest campaign on record leaves charity smiling


Southwest smile care centre celebrating National Smile Month

Written by Dr Nigel Carter OBE The UK’S largest and longest running campaign to promote the benefits of a healthy mouth has been an overwhelming success. More than 3,000 organisations took part in National Smile Month 2014, organised by the British … Continue reading


Cervical cancer prevention in BME communities: raising awareness and overcoming barriers.



talkhealth are proud to support Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust during Ethinic Minority Cancer Awareness Month (EMCAM) To highlight Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Month, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and the NHS Cancer Screening programme are holding a free training day in … Continue reading


Aren’t we all still learning?


“I’m still learning myself”- Mulan. Throughout life one of the main questions I’ve heard uttered from the mouths of others is “When do we ever stop learning?”. My answer to that is.. I don’t think we ever do. During my … Continue reading


National Smile Month in Numbers


British Dental Health Foundation presents a lovely infographic with all the stats for the oral ehalth campaing - 3145 organisations supporting NSM 2014, 1785 oral health activities and events, 2009 dental practices taking part, 892 smiley selfies sent to us on social media, 811 items of coverage in the press and media, 6928 oral health posters in waiting rooms, 150k smileys reaching poorest areas of the UK, 40271 total visits to the Smile Month website, 60m people reached with campaign messages, 38 years of National Smile Month to date, 758 schools teaching oral health & hygiene.

With National Smile Month coming to an end for yet another year, we have taken a look at its impact and success. The charitable campaign in 2014 was arguable National Smile Month’s biggest and best yet, and after 38 years … Continue reading


A happy and healthy summer holiday



Have you been lucky enough to make it abroad for a holiday in 2014 yet? Sadly I haven’t – in fact it’s been over a year since I’ve seen the inside of an aeroplane. Or perhaps more importantly, felt grains … Continue reading


Home: the future health centre?


As technology advances, there’s every reason to believe that at some point in the future part of this century our own homes will be the place that the majority chooses to receive a clinical diagnosis, give birth, or even receive … Continue reading


Oral bacteria ‘irritates IBD’


scientist researches new study

Oral bacteria could have a role to play in the flare-up of irritable bowel disease, new research suggests. The findings, presented in the journal Oral Diseases, discovered that colitis, also known as irritable bowel disease (IBD), was aggravated by the presence … Continue reading





So today I thought I would talk about a couple of the mindset tricks that have helped me over the past couple of years. They relate to the word ‘can’t’. I don’t know about you, but if somebody tells me … Continue reading


Spirulina – Super or Spoof?


Billed as being a super protein, what is ‘Spirulina’, and is it all it’s cracked up to be? Spirulina is a cyanobacterium (form of algae), which lives naturally in tropical and subtropical alkaline lakes with high concentrations of carbonate and … Continue reading


An early night…



Tonight I am going to have an early one and read a book I think! My soothing system is in need of some love and attention…a decent meditation is in order too. I lost 0.5lbs today. I am not really … Continue reading


NHS Accident and Emergency Update


It has been some time since I last posted on Talk Health, the delay has simply been down to pressure of work and also I suppose partly a dearth of decent topics on which to expound. However I ended up … Continue reading


The dreaded scales…



One of the issues I have picked up on – that all of the lovely people I have spoken with, coached, or emailed since starting this weight loss campaign have in common – relates to scales…the dreaded scales! They become … Continue reading





I spent last night having a look over some of my old blog posts…I was in the mood for reminiscing! I wrote a post in July last year in which I was trying to explain my fears regarding my old … Continue reading


Moving on…



Today I have been remembering a lady that I was desperately hoping to help. Unfortunately, she died before I had the opportunity to have any kind of real impact; although during our brief period of contact she kept telling me … Continue reading


World’s best?



My comments the other day surrounding variety seemed to cause a little debate! We are constantly told that variety is crucial, yet if we get the range of macro and micro nutrients we need…the body doesn’t really care. If you … Continue reading


I’ve done something amazing today …


Giving blood saves lives. Do something amazing and give blood today

… I gave blood. And it took less than an hour! What a brilliant use of an hour eh? Giving blood up to 3 times a year for women and up to 4 times a year for men saves lives. … Continue reading


94th BAD Conference in Glasgow


94th BAD Conference, Glasgow 2014

On Wednesday this week talkhealth was invited, via our lovely client Intrapharm Laboratories, as their guest at the 94th BAD (British Association of Dermatologists) conference, held this year in Glasgow. The day started early with a 9am flight from Southampton … Continue reading


Challenging times!



Mr WLB and I are going through a challenging time at the moment. Him with his reflux, throat issues, stress and anxiety…me with my usual fight of shifting weight, carving out a new career, and feeling frankly bloody exhausted all … Continue reading


One in four Brits unhappy with their smile


Smile and the world smiles with you as the saying goes, but for more than a quarter of Brits who are unhappy with their smiles this may not be the case. New research by the British Dental Health Foundation and … Continue reading


Don’t look back.


“I never look back darling, It distracts me from the now”- Edna Mode (The Incredibles) I’ve chosen today’s quote from Disney Words a twitter account that I follow because it reminds me of films I’ve watched way back  when that reminds me … Continue reading





Oh no! My honest nature seems to have offended yet another sensitive soul! It seems that a blog post I wrote a year ago has caused some offence. Please don’t expect an apology to follow…as one will not be forthcoming … Continue reading


A little rant!!



Firstly I should apologise about the lack of blog posts recently, I have no excuse and I aim to write one most weeks from now!! Today’s topic is one that I feel passionately about… In the news today an MP … Continue reading


Big Fat …….!



Don’t blame me for tonight’s unsavoury blog post title…blame the lovely FB Natalie!   Haha – it did make me chuckle when I saw it! There were also a few additional words thrown in by other lovely FB people in … Continue reading