Firstly I should apologise about the lack of blog posts recently, I have no excuse and I aim to write one most weeks from now!!
Today’s topic is one that I feel passionately about…..kids.
In the news today an MP has asked for children to be regularly weighed in primary school to make parents aware if their child is at risk of being obese.
The first thing I thought about when I heard the debate on Good Morning Britain, whilst drinking my cuppa was “WHAT?”
I am sick and tired of the scales dictating how someone lives their life.
The misunderstanding and poor education of nutrition really gets on my wick!

That is why I spend a lot of time (and money) each year improving my knowledge. If I can help one person in a small way towards feeling healthy then I am one happy lady.

Getting back on track now:
These things just annoy me. I know so many people who either feel amazing or completely worthless, purely down to the little numbers displayed by our friend the bathroom scales.
Why oh why, are we even contemplating weighing our children regularly and developing this negative relationship from a young age?
My son is 2 and a half, I haven’t weighed him in ages and if I do it is only out of curiosity. I know he is healthy; I know what he eats so I am really not bothered by what he may or may not weigh.
Constantly weighing children throughout school I think can only be a negative thing. School is hard enough anyway. Kids get labelled from day one, why are we going to encourage kids to be called “fat”?

How could this is anyway be a positive thing?
The child’s weight will then be plotted on a bell curve that generalises the whole population. Yes, some kids will be overweight, some will be underweight and some will be in the middle. THIS IS NORMAL.

What do I think is causing children to be overweight and obese?
Lacking knowledge about nutrition:
Understanding what food can do for you and how to cook should be a fundamental part of the educational process.
Getting children excited by food and cooking should be a part of the school day.
Educate children that real food:
• Is not highly processed
• Does not have a long shelf life
• Rots if you leave it a while
• Is recognised by your great grandparents as they ate it too
Food does not have to be complicated, the simpler it is, the better it probably is for you!


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