The latest craze to sweep across Britain’s playgrounds is loom bands, shooting to even higher fame after a lady sold a loom band dress made from thousands of the little loops for £170,100 plus £7 postage! Now that is insane! She had been hoping for £50 but she got a bit more than that.

If you haven’t come across them yet think of rubber bands. They are like coloured bands, slightly thicker than a standard rubber band and quite small, kind of big enough to squeeze over your finger. You loop them all together to make bracelets, rings, mats, anything you can come up with really.

However this craze has led to a crop of latex allergy reactions; the Latex Allergy Support Group has a warning on their forum.

If your child is desperate to get into this latest fad but either you or they have a latex allergy, you can get latex free loom bands.

You will obviously have to be very careful about swapping bands, bands made by friends or brought to your house that may not be latex free and it may be worth speaking to the school if the child has a very serious latex allergy… could be tricky!

You can buy 6000 Large Box of Colourful Loom Bands Latex Free Rubber Bandz Bracelet Making Kit Set, 6000pc Loom Bands, 1 Loom Board, 5 Hooks, 10 Random Charms, 200+ S-Clips W/ Instruction Manual

On a more positive note, one blogger, My Material Life, has shared a very innovative use of the bands to make a medicalert bracelet for her daughter.

Have you had a reaction to them? Is it easy to get latex free bands?

I have had limited experience of these myself and can only assume that my nieces and nephew have latex free bands. They didn’t feel like latex to me and so, probably unwisely, I wore a loom band ring leant to me by my nephew (thank you!), for a whole day! I have a latex allergy and didn’t have any reaction at all and there was some discussion about whether they would be OK for me to wear. One thing I’ve noticed about these bands is that the kids are fiercely proud of them and are loathe to let you touch one let alone have one! A demonstration is allowed but as an adult you must stand back and watch… you certainly won’t be getting made one but you might be allowed to borrow one, under duress, if you promise to give it back! The loom band I wore went to The Allergy Show with me and spent the whole day making paper plate mates on the Allergy Adventure stand! It stood up well to the hard work and was strong, very comfortable and colourful. I was very hip and down the kids that day!

Now I wonder if they could make me a loom band dress for my next birthday? They’d never notice if sold it on ebay… would they?


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