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Did you manage to visit our online clinic on epilepsy in May 2014? If you missed the clinic you can read through the content here.

Alongside this clinic, we ran an epilepsy awareness survey. To find out our survey results for our epilepsy awareness survey click here… 

The majority of people said they would know what to do if they saw someone having an epileptic fit. General knowledge of how to act when someone is having a fit was good. Nearly all of our respondents know it is vitally important not to put anything into someone’s mouth during a fit and that you must surrender your driving liepilepsy survey results for talkhealthcence when diagnosed with epilepsy.

Some of the topics covered in the survey also include:

  • stigma associated with epilepsy
  • sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
  • school management of epilepsy
  • how effective medication is at treating epilepsy
  • time periods for diagnosis

Our survey results page goes into more detail about the outcomes of this survey, but please feel free to add your comments to this blog post or contact us at talkhealth




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