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… I gave blood. And it took less than an hour! What a brilliant use of an hour eh?

Giving blood up to 3 times a year for women and up to 4 times a year for men saves lives. Did you know ….

Only 4% of adults are currently blood donors
Each donation can help as many as 3 people
100 donations equates to 47 litres of blood
B- Blood is rare. Only 2% of the population are B-
8% of donors are donating for the first time

Giving blood saves lives. Do something amazing and give blood today

Do something amazing and give blood today!

So what’s stopping you from giving blood? Play golf? Around 8,000 units of blood are collected at golf clubs each year. Why not combine the two!

Do you know your blood group? You will do if you give blood.
More about the different blood groups within the UK population

Do something amazing today too? You can register simply and easily online and find a blood donor session nearest to your home or work.

Read some of the postive stories of people who’ve benefited from your blood

If you are a blood donor of have benefitted from donated blood, tell us your story here.



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