I love blackberries and the fact they grow wild in the garden. I have been searching for the best healthy recipes using blackberries, and will write a blog on this soon. For today’s blog however, I decided to make some fruity ice lollies made from no-added-sugar strawberry whip and fresh blackberries. The kids all loved them – perfect for a summer’s day, and so so simply (no fancy ingredients) and makes a great alternative to plain fromage frais / yoghurt and fruit.


1. Make up a packet of strawberry whip according to instructions (this usually involves adding the packet to 300ml (1/2 pint) of milk. Use semi-skimmed milk for adults or over 2s. Use whole milk (blue top) for under 2s


2. Add 200g of fresh blackberries and lightly whisk in (don’t blend, but make it so that the blackberries are roughly chopped in) –  used an electric mixer for about 5 seconds to do this


3. Spoon mixture into lolly moulds and freeze


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