It’s that time of year when the temparatures soar and we all reach for the sunscreen and scuttle to the shade. Well those of us with sensitive skin anyway but sometimes the heat is just too much and the hives begin to rise, the itching drives you insane and you just want to sit in a cool bath until the clouds and rain return.

Taking a bath in cool water isn’t a bad idea if you are really suffering with heat rash but if you don’t fancy that here are three helpful products to keep you cool in the sun and/or protect your skin from the harmful rays.

Aloe Up PRO SPF 50 Sunscreen

Aloe Up Pro 50 sunscreen
When Aloe Vera is applied as a gel it stimulates the immune system to regenerate skin cells. It is a superb, healing moisturiser.
The Aloe in Aloe Up PRO sunscreen soaks into the skin so you can’t feel it on, providing a dry, non–greasy, naturally waterproof protective barrier to shield the skin from harmful UVA and UVB sunrays whilst retaining the Aloe’s superb moisturising qualities.

  • Dry, non–greasy, naturally waterproof
  • Paraben free, alcohol free, no added fragrance
  • Recommended for miliaria (prickly heat) sun–sensitive skin, heat rash, paraben allergy

120ml £12.95

Buy Aloe Up Pro sunscreen here

Too hot in bed? – Keep cool with a Chillow Pillow

Cooling Chillow Pillow
No more tossing and turning, searching for the “cool spot”. Cool down, relax and sleep well with the Chillow.

  • lowers body temperature instantly
  • cool comfort without power, pollution, moisture or refrigeration
  • simple, cost–effective, maintenance free

Costs just £27.99 – a fair price for a good night’s sleep!

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Cooldanna cooling baseball caps in white and blue

Buy white cooling baseball cap now

White Cooldanna cooling baseball cap

Here is a solution to your itchy heat rash and hives. If you have sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis the chances are that this hot weather can play havoc with your skin.

Whilst some sun exposure can be beneficial as long you don’t burn, too much heat and the skin can feel like it’s burning up, itching like mad and driving you insane.

It you suffer with heat rash staying cool can be a nightmare. Keeping a cool head could really help you to stay cool as a cucumber in this amazing hot summer we’re having.

I’m selling three white and three blue cooling baseball caps, first come first served. The first button above is to buy the WHITE baseball cap.

I bought these from the US years ago and have had them sitting in a box just going to waste so hopefully they will be helpful to some of you hot eczema skin people out there.
I find them really effective, you just soak them in cold water and the gell in the cap absorbs the cool. You won’t be going in for any fashion contests but I’ve played tennis wearing one and for gardening it’s fine or for just sitting at home when you’re boiling up. They don’t drip, just sit all nice and cool on your head.

I use mine most when gardening and helping out on the allotment. Protects my face from the sun and keeps me cool.
CoolDanna cooling blue baseball cap

  • Instant Ultra cooling relief
  • Simply soak in water and use
  • Wear like any other baseball cap
  • Attractive, comfortable design
  • One size fits all (only adult sized hats available)
  • Reusable, economical and effective
  • Perfect for keeping cool in any hot environment

Click on THIS button to buy the NAYY BLUE cooldanna cooling baseball cap

So stay cool this summer and try one of these cool products to help you get there. Now I’m off to dig out the old dusty fan which we only use once or twice a year! It is called for today. Yours, hot and muggy at whatallergy head quarters. Now where did we put that fan?


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