In March 2014 for Ovarian Cancer Awareness month we ran an online clinic on gynaecology with NHS Choices, Multi-gyn, Promensil Menopause, Sylk Intimate Moisturiser, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Eve’s Appeal.

To find out more about our talkhealth members views, we also ran a survey on cervical awareness. A vaccine used to help prevent against cervical cancer is the human papilloma virus vaccine, commonly known as hpv.

syringe and medicine for injection

Our survey looked at numbers of people vaccinated with the hpv vaccine and found out reasons why people may not booked an appointment to have this.

In some parts of Canada, the USA and Australia they routinely offer the vaccine to boys as well as girls. We asked about views on boys having this vaccine offered to them for free in the UK.

To find out the results of our survey, click here…. 

To discuss more about womenshealth, you may wish to chat amongst other talkhealth members within our womenshealthforum.


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