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Are you allergic to nickel in your iPad

If you have a nickel allergy then you probably know the main things to avoid like metal objects, coins, zips, studs on clothes, jewellery, certain foods even. The list of things containing nickel is endless but had you ever considered that your beloved phone or trusty iPad could cointain nickel?

This subject has been on my mind since the ‘itchy palms’ fiasco, but on closer inspection, I use the ipad with a Logitech keyboard so rarely touch the outer casing and my ipad is also in a protective case so this is probably not what’s causing my strange localised itching.

Are you allergic to nickel in your iPad?

I tried to contact Apple to ask them, “Do iPads contain nickel?” but it is pretty impossible to find any way of contacting them. Just what I love about big corporates with no phone number or email address, just endless searchable self help FAQs which don’t help at all.

A quick google search however brings up quite a few reported incidences of rashes caused by nickel in ipads.

Report says nickel in iPad and other devices may cause rash

This article on reuters suggests that perhaps the nickel problem is only in early ipads?
Nickel in early iPad likely triggered allergy in boy: study

Not being an early adopter with either the iPhone or iPad may mean the ones in our household do not contain high levels of nickel, however if you have handed the old iPad down to your child and their eczema has got much worse and nothing seems to help it could be worth looking at their ipad use.

Are they using the ipad a lot? Can you restrict ipad use for a week or two to see if the rash improves? or buy a cover that will prevent contact with the skin.

The rash seems to not appear just on the hands and face where you might expect but can travel around the body which then confuses the issue; it can’t be the ipad if the rash is on the belly?
But it could, the nickel gets into your skin and can then trigger an eczema outbreak on other weaker, dryer parts of the body.

You might think that just a little old rash isn’t that much of a problem, but constant itching can be really depressing, affect sleep, reduce condentration and increase the chance of infection in the raw, open, scratched skin.

Especially for people with allergies, it’s important to maintain a healthy skin barrier and moisturise eczema to reduce the severity of any allergy outbreaks. Poorly managed skin will react more swiftly and absorb allergens far more quickly.

So has anyone out there suspected they were allergic to their iPad? Is it only the first generation iPads which contained high levels of nickel? Anyone getting a rash from using the new ones?

Anyone out there from Apple want to comment?



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