The ‘itching palms and soles of feet’ saga continues after yesterday, my test coffee, made from fresh ground beans, initially seemed to not cause any reaction. By lunch time though I was rubbing my palms and wriggling my feet. The itch was back…

Having already collected a whole rash of allergies I am still very much in denial. So I told myself that the uncharacteristic overdrinking the night before could be the cause… the eyes were sore and I had some hives down the side of my face and across my back too so it must just be another punishment from mixing my drinks. Right?

Last night the itching on the soles of my feet drove me mad.

So today, now having a mini break in Somerset with the in-laws, much to the MIL’s confusion I abstained from the morning coffee. I cannot even bear to explain why… she will think I’m a complete freak-a-minute if I declare yet another thing I can’t have.

Anyway here I am, wheezing away, while FIL and neighbour quaff their coffee and I sit across the table enjoying the aroma and convincing myself it’s really not long since breakfast so I don’t need a coffee anyway. Who am I kidding?

Then I realise I’m wheezing… not really badly, enough to make me aware and to be thinking, ‘I’ll get the inhaler if it gets worse’. Well they’ve guzzled their coffee now and the wheezing is subsiding. A mere ten minutes later and I am wheeze free.

But I’ve just remembered that this house is dusty and I’m always wheezy when I stay here.

Denial… denial. Could it really be that suddenly, after a life time of drinking coffee, usually only one day and slightly less frequently lately as I prefer to buy beans, grind and make it fresh, that I might be allergic to it? It is not always possible to buy beans, all the shops seem to sell is pre-ground coffee so sometimes I don’t have any for a while.

And as my breathing returns to normal I may have to the face the fact that if this is what I think it is it may be curtains for my beloved coffee…


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