Just this week I’ve noticed something strange has been happening. When you have allergies and eczema you get used to that – makes life interesting (Not!). So this is the thing. The palms of my hands and the soles of my feet have been itching, they’ve been on fire and so tight and scratchy but I cannot see any rash or obvious hives to show for it.

If I feel the skin I can just detect tiny bumps under the surface. The tops of my hands are also not great, covered with the usual hives, nodular prurigo and eczema. They’ve gone off the scale in the last month or so but why suddenly the palms? I’ve never had itching palms or soles of my feet before.

Nothing seems to help except plunging them into really hot water and keeping the moisturised.
And now I’m writing this I’ve noticed that my eyeballs are also tight and itchy. Yes my eyeballs. What on earth is happening to me? I thought I was just tired and needed to shut my eyes. That’s what they feel like.
Maybe I am just tired. Well yes I am tired.
And as I write breaking off to rub my hands together but not with any glee.

I wouldn’t advise googling for causes of itchy palms etc. because the results are scary.

I just wondered if anyone else has this symptom with their allergies? Thanks to twitter friends I know that itching palms and soles of your feet can be a sign of an allergy to something. But what?

coffee allergy

Could it be the coffee?

I’m experimenting with different shampoo so I’ve stopped that for a bit to see if it helps.

Could it be dust?

Could it be wheat allergen which is flying all over the place since the big field opposite is STILL harvesting?

Or could it be some other kind of airborne allergen? But why the soles of the feet too? Could it be a food allergen?

You do have to employ the detective skills of Sherlock Holmes sometimes when you have allergies.

I’ve also been drinking a lot of fresh coffee so I’ve been cutting that out too just to see if it’s got any connection. Can you be allergic to coffee?

So watch this space. The tiny lumps have receded and I’m not itching anymore. So what was it? The shampoo or the coffee?

Please NO… not the coffee…

Does anyone else get itchy palms of soles of their feet? and what was causing it?


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