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The cosmetic surgery industry was booming last year and so far, in 2014, it has continued to go from strength to strength. MYA reported that last year that 2,063 breast augmentations were carried out, making them the most popular procedure. Rhinoplasty and Vaser liposuction were also popular, with 266 Rhinoplasty procedures and 258 Vaser Lipo procedures taking place.

Cosmetic surgery can often be frowned upon, but it can have life changing effects for some individuals. Boob jobs aren’t just the choice of aspiring glamour models, some women chose to undergo the surgery because they are suffering from low self-esteem. Perhaps their breasts look noticeably out of proportion to their body shape, or maybe they have lost the elasticity in them after breastfeeding, for whatever reason, breast augmentations can increase a person’s self-esteem.

The recent increase in cosmetic surgery is sometimes ascribed to the rise of celebrities that post perfect ‘selfies’ on Instagram, as well as heavily airbrushed images in magazines that create an unobtainable image of beauty. People want to look instantly slimmer, which is why the popularity of Vaser lipo is growing so quickly. The new procedure uses advanced technology which is less invasive than traditional liposuction and only takes around two hours to perform.

Vaser lipo has been created to help people who cannot get rid of stubborn areas of fat. Amy Scott chose to have Vaser Lipo at MYA after she could not get rid of the unwanted fat on the back of her hips. After having 850ml of fat removed, Amy was pleased with the results:

“I was shocked at how fine I felt immediately afterwards and by the fact that I could instantly see a result. I feel so much more confident dressing up to go out and am loving the compliments!”

The procedure is also popular with men. One patient called Mat Blighton, had Vaser lipo after losing four stone. He lost the weight in a healthy way, through diet and exercise, but he couldn’t get rid of the fat on his flanks. He says that he had Vaser on Friday and was back in work on Monday.

Mat also says that his confidence has greatly improved, which proves that cosmetic surgery can change lives for the better, as long as it is carried out for the right reasons and is not taken to the extreme.


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