I’m really doing this for myself as a reference because I have a wheat allergy and love of real ale – not always a good combination. I plan to contact the brewers to find out if their draft beer is made with the same recipe as their bottled beer. Could you safely assume that this would be the case?

Then if the pub is a well kept and maintained and I know the beer is good and possibly another caviat could be – a pub that has the CAMRA seal of approval, I can carefully plan which pubs I can go and order a pint in. This could be very good for the pub in question as we could end up being there some time if it’s safe for me. If the pub can cater for those with restricted eating requests even better! And I’m not talking ready salted crisps and a pickled onion.

Why am I doing this? Because I’m a fed up of going into pubs and sitting enviously in the corner with a pint of cider or over priced glass of wine while you lot drink pints of beer. Now I’m not dissing cider or wine, when I’m in Somerset cider is often the best drink in the pub if it’s locally brewed, but I just don’t like it as much as a pint of real ale.

I can’t risk drinking beer if I’m not sure it’s wheat free unless I want to face days of stomach cramps, agony and dinosaur farts that could easily clear the pub. I’m not joking – the effects are pretty swift. If you’re lucky I’ll be on the train home before the rot sets in, though not sure my fellow passengers would agree.

Wheat free bottled and canned beers – a list

This is just for bottled beers and cans so far because it is always listed whether they contain barley and/or wheat (there is always a risk of cross contamination with pipes when buying beer on tap).

  • Stella
  • Proper job
  • Adnams (all checked so far)
  • Timothy Taylor landlord
  • Marstons Indian Pale Ale

This is very much a work in progress so please let me know of any others I should add.

And a word of warning to beer lovers with a wheat allergy – just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean it’s wheat free – the gluten can be removed from the wheat and the wheat used in the brewing process. Probably only present in very small amounts but if you are very sensitive possibly worth treating with caution.


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