Remember the blog post last month with that amazing freefrom chocolate cake I had at The Perfect Retreat in Chesham?

The best freefrom cafe in the world, The Perfect Retreat in Chesham, Bucks

The best freefrom cafe in the world, The Perfect Retreat in Chesham, Bucks

Well if you’re looking for an excuse to go and visit or just needed reminding that you really should treat yourself or your allergic child, Lucia has organised a couple of events.

1st of october is book signing of Sandra Howard, 1960s top model. She is signing her new book “Tell the girl”.
Tell the Girl by Sandra Howard - book signing at The Perfect Retreat

Then on the Saturday 18th of october Lucia is holding a cake sale – “bake it better” campaign aimed at raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital to upgrade their old facilities to continue to provide their world class standard with care for children with lots of disorders, just like little Mac, the most allergic boy in Chesham who is able to enjoy cake at The Perfect Retreat. There are many children with conditions like eosinophilic oesophagitis that need a new kidney or heart transplant and the NHS cannot pay for all this. It will be an all day sale and every penny for sold cake is going to be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Lucia said, “I will make sure I have only the finest freefrom cakes and savouries.”

Don’t miss it, and if you can’t make either of these dates just pop in anyway. If you have multiple allergies do phone ahead and speak to Lucia about what you can and can’t eat. She can also make the most amazing freefrom home-made sausage rolls to order.

Visit www.the-perfect-retreat.co.uk/ to find out more.


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