If you’ve got a skin condition you might be interested in this TalkHealth Online Clinic on Skin Conditions.

This month sees the opening of their Skin Conditions Clinic. The clinic is open now for pre-clinic questions & the experts will be available to answer your questions for a week from 17-23 September.

Full details of the clinic are available here, along with all our charity partners and experts who we are most grateful for their fantastic support.

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We would also like to thank our sponsors for this event – Aveeno, Epaderm, and Skinnies.
If you would like talkhealth to ask a question on your behalf anonymously they can do this, use the link above to register your question. (Questions are only answered during the week the clinic is open.)

Twitter chat on Sensitive Skin – join in!

Surcare is the sponsor for our twitter chat on 17 September 2014. You’ll also find them on Facebook.

Use the hashtag #talkhealth

Sensitive skin is usually dry, delicate and prone to allergic reactions. It is often thin and may also react easily to heat and cold, as well as some detergents and cosmetics.

Surcare understands sensitive skin and promises not to put anything unnecessary into its products that might irritate sensitive skin. Surcare products are all free from enzymes, added colourants, acids and perfumes. They are are also independently dermatologically tested and approved – perfect for keeping your family’s skin free from irritation.

There are five laundry products and a washing up liquid in the Surcare range which will get your clothes outstandingly clean and your dishes spic and span. Available from major supermarkets and online here. Read more details about Surcare and how it can help you…



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