To celebrate National Eczema Week the amazing people at Everything for Eczema have offered you lot a chance to win a pair of these amazing SOOTHE bamboo pyjamas, made especially for adults with eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

If you have eczema you will know that night time is often the most itchy time of the day; the warmth of your bed creating the perfect environment for scratching and damaging sore skin.

These pyjamas will help you get a comfortable and soothing night’s sleep and hopefully stop you scratching too much.

They cost £59.95 and are worth every penny but this is your chance to win a pair for yourself of your loved one.

And they are truly amazing. I have a pair which I have been wearing now for some months and they are just lovely. One of my prized possesions and my favourite night wear.

Soothe bamboo pajamas for eczema

Soothe bamboo pyjamas – no elastic – drawstring waist

This is what Everything for Eczema say about these incredible luxury jimjams.

Pyjamas for adults and older children from our very own clothing brand for sensitive skin – SOOTHE. These gorgeous bamboo pyjamas have been designed specifically for eczema and allergy sufferers.

We chose bamboo as it’s the perfect fabric for itchy and sore skin – thermo-regulating, antibacterial and beautifully soft. We’ve blended it with organic cotton and a small amount of elastane so that the pyjamas will wash well, keep their shape and be easier to get on and off.

Our supersoft eczema pyjamas have:

  • integral foldover mittens to help prevent night-time scratching
  • enclosed feet to protect ankles and legs
  • a drawstring, non-elasticated waist
  • labels on the outside

We think our pyjamas are a little bit special and really hope they will go some way in relieving the pain of adult eczema.

Made from: 68% Bamboo Viscose, 28% Organic Cotton, 4% Lycra

Label on outside and mitt to cover hands

Label on outside and mitt to cover hands

Using SOOTHE bamboo pyjamas

I have had a pair of these lovely pjs now since the Allergy Show when I first discovered Everything for Eczema and I have found them to be comfortable, soft and very soothing against the skin.

I have a size small which is very roomy for me, I’m a size 10. I possibly could have had a smaller size but perhaps they are meant to be a little loose fitting.

They wash well and when I have worn them I’ve had an excellent night’s sleep without scratching. You can obviously still rub your skin through the clothing but it has helped me to scratch far less. A lot of the time I scratch in my sleep; I don’t even know I’m doing it, so the integral feet and mitts work really well.

The only problem for me is that in this warm weather they are just a little too thick. I have had to remove them a few times because I’m just too hot, especially sharing a bed with someone else who is like a permanent hot water bottle next to me. They will be brilliant in winter though and I find I am more comfortable when I have been sleeping alone – I haven’t got so hot.

A few warnings, do wear slippers if you’re walking around in these on wooden or tiled floor – the feet can be quite slippery. Unless of course you are in the mood for a sliding journey across the room.

I have also had a bit of a panic, on waking in the night needing the loo, in the dark, I couldn’t work out how to get the mitts off for love nor money. If you find you sleep through without needing the toilet you’ll be fine, but practise getting out of them in the dark – like Houdini. However maybe this is not such a bad thing, it means you can’t get your hands out to scratch very easily.

I wish you all good luck – someone is going to be very happy with their new jimjams.

Click here to find out more about Everything for Eczema.

To enter, simply tell us why you should win them and why would love a pair below as a comment and also email your name and address to me and you will be entered into the draw.

Email What Allergy

Conditions: These pjyamas are for adults or older children. This offer is only open to UK residents and ends on Sunday 28th September 2014.


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  1. Kim Styles

    My teenage daughter has eczema and struggles expecially when it is hot to get a good night sleep- she is itchy and scratching even when she does manage to dose off. I would love to win these for her

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