The Anaphylaxis Campaign has now been going for 20 years and have achieved so much in that time.
Anaphylaxis Campaign Logo
I remember reading about the charity in the Telegraph, some months after my first serious anaphylactic reaction and feeling complete panic hearing about David Reading’s daughter, who sadly passed away after an anaphylactic reaction to nuts.

I joined the society to find out more about what was happening to me and have found it such a useful resource over the years. They have a free help line and loads of events and information sheets on the website. I am proud to now be in a position to help the campaign in any way I can, whether that is speaking to journalists, organising support groups, fund raising, speaking to newly diagnosed adults or parents and speaking at and attending events.

To see what happened at the celebration party watch this short video. I’m there at the beginning and you have to watch right to the end to catch me again. Twice in one video!

Look out for Dr Bill Frankland, 102 year old allergy doctor. Amazing man.

Visit the charity website to find out more about joining The Anaphylaxis Campaign here.


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