Calling all freefromers up North. I know you’re out there!

If you are free this weekend and live in or near Liverpool then you should make it down to the BT Convention Centre to The Allergy Show North. You can get your FREE tickets to the Allergy Show North here.

I’m going! I’ll definitely be there on Sunday, circumstances are delaying my departure on Saturday so not sure how much of the first day I’ll make!

Allergy Show Liverpool

Being able to enjoy the show without the fear of presenting about living with multiple allergies in a huge, busy, distracting exhibition venue will be a nice added bonus. For those who didn’t hear about that, I presented at the London show in a kind of space in the hall, no walls, just this yawning immense show of crowds and crowds of people but thankfully some of them sat down and listened to me so I didn’t feel like such a wally.

We are staying with a friend in Liverpool (thanks Stevie) en-route to a well earned week’s holiday in the Lake District. I am being very brave and having dinner, bed and breakfast in a rather posh hotel. What? No camping? I hear you cry. Not self catering?

Nope. Not this time and I am praying all goes well. At least I can stuff the boot of the car with goodies from the show to take with me. Just in case. An allergy girl never leaves home without emergency rations.

Get your free tickets to the allergy show today
Look carefully at this picture above, I am sure that is the back of my head in the middle, with a yellow tshirt and my hair up, helping out on the Allergy Adventures stand. Your kids will love making paper plate mates on their stand, and you can buy a selection of books for allergic kids including nut allergy, wheat allergy, dairy allergy and egg allergy.

Download your free tickets today and if you are going, let me know. We can meet for a totally freefrom snack and coffee. Enjoy the show everyone, but please stick to my golden rules for show safety!

  • Don’t try things at the show unless you are 100% sure they are OK for you
  • Check ingredient’s list on everything before trying and check what butter/ingredients have been added
  • Take a large shopping trolley to stash all the bargains and freebies you might find.
  • Look at the presentations as soon as you arrive and plan your day.
  • Don’t get carried away, don’t get too excited. Try only things you know.
  • Get your free ticket so you don’t have to pay
  • Enjoy!

See you all there lovely freefromers. So who is going?


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