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Through the recent sleepless nights, two poorly girls, temperatures, tears (including mine!) and snot there have been lots of (mostly) lovely moments between my little ladies.  Seemingly small, trivial and fleeting things that don’t mean very much on their own but when you add them all together they become much more significant…  

Lucy asking for Ella as soon as she wakes from her nap

Ella bringing Lucy her dummy when she’s upset

Lucy stealing Ella’s food at meal times after she’s finished her own (Ella is a slow eater!) 

Playing together (normally consists of Ella quietly playing by herself and then Lucy sidling in shouting ‘share’ at her)

Arguing (well, lots of shouting ‘No!’ at one another and tears!)

Blowing raspberries together and giggling

Giggles as they (illegally) bounce on mummy and daddy’s bed

Lucy shouting for Ella when she disappears upstairs

Ella giving Lucy her cat and snuggle  

Lucy asking for Ella all the way to nursery at home time

Ella asking For Lucy to be on the swing with her

Ella randomly giving Lucy kisses and cuddles 

Lucy turning off the TV while Ella’s watching Mr Tumble

Ella washing Lucy’s hair in the bath

Lucy copying her big sister and trying to walk down the stairs

Both wanting to be sat on my knee if the other one is

Reading a book together

Lucy charging in and breaking Ella’s latest sticklebrick masterpiece

I’m loving watching their relationship and bond grow. My two little girls, sisters and friends xx


And as October is Down’s Syndrome Awareness month, I’ll leave you with a picture of my girls from this time last year…


Amy Dunn

Our first baby, Ella Mary, was born at the end of November 2010. We were shocked to find out soon after her birth that she has Down's Syndrome. I was determined from the start that Down's Syndrome will never define Ella or what she is able to do. We will provide for her everything she needs to become the child and the person she deserves to be. There will be hard times ahead.... there are already many hard times behind us. But I already know that the good times will always outweigh the hard times. She has taught me so much in such a short time and seeing life from a new perspective is a privilege that not many of us get the chance to experience.

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