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We ran, clambered, and swam our way through some of the most beautiful parts of Cardiff. We surfed the white water rapids, were faxed through rolls of car tyres, and after the excpected 10km of running and obstacles, we were greeted with a “surprise” of an additional 4km including obstacles, before finally conquering the 8ft wall!

One of the most rewarding aspects of taking part in this challenge was working as a team. As (pre) dental professionals, we have an understanding of the value of communication, support and problem solving as a team in dental practice – and this challenge was no exception. Not only was there a strong teamwork ethic within our team, it felt like EVERY participant in the event was working together, by helping others over obstacles, providing words of encouragement for those struggling and celebrating everyone’s victory!

I feel extremely proud to have been a part of such a fantastic team and now have a greater appreciation for the value of good teamwork. We would like to thank our friends and family who generously donated to our page and we hope the money raised will go to good use – especially in supporting the upcoming Mouth Cancer Action Month.

Best Wishes
Kelly Lloyd
(& Jenna Harvey, Niall Henderson, Ellery Turner, Dan Quiney & Stuart Law)

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