rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Comment on Low FODMAP Punjabi Chicken & Spinach Curry by Lamb and Spinach Curry


Low FODMAP Punjabi Chicken & Spinach Curry

Yes you can still have Curry on the low FODMAP diet….well if you cook this you can! This is rejigged classic Curry recipe which is healthy and low in FODMAP’s, with a few separate process which all combine into one … Continue reading


Daddy's Girl


I’m not sure why or for what reason but at this particular moment in Rosie’s life she is very much all about ‘Daddy’. This is not to say no-one else gets a look in but we just seem to be … Continue reading


Charity Skydive: Take Two



The blog entry was originally posted on the British Dental Health Foundation Blog Section Two members of the British Dental Health Foundation are jumping 10,000 feet to raise money for charity. Communications Manager David Arnold and Website Officer Doychin Sakutov … Continue reading


Average or Awesome?


“I’m not here to be average, I’m here to be awesome”- Anon. Before I even begin I have to apologise for my lateness in writing a blog post. After numerous issues surrounding health I thought I would get my arse … Continue reading


Average or Awesome?


“I’m not here to be average, I’m here to be awesome”- Anon. Before I even begin I have to apologise for my lateness in writing a blog post. After numerous issues surrounding health I thought I would get my arse … Continue reading


10 Things You Should Know About Oestrogen Dominance


menopause word in letterpress type

Dealing with oestrogen dominance by rebalancing with bioidentical natural progesterone is essential for healthy hormone balance. Women from puberty to post-menopause can be affected but just how much do you know about it? Whatever a woman’s age, or health, it … Continue reading


{Proud Moments} – November 2014


There’s a lovely little thing that happens every month in the ‘Future of Downs’ Facebook group. We celebrate our children’s milestones and share what’s made us proud. We do this on the 21st to represent the three copies of chromosome … Continue reading


When Stress becomes Distress



Stress causes your body’s endocrine, nervous, physical systems to react. All of these responses stem from your, autonomic nervous system (ANS). Your ANS is a network of nerves reaching out from your spinal cord to every organ in your body. … Continue reading


Power to the Parents!


Last month I was kindly invited by Viv Bennett, Director of Nursing at DoH to partake in their current ‘Week of Action’ by writing this post outlining the power and importance of parent blogging and what motivated me to start ‘The … Continue reading


5 tips to help you lose weight for Christmas (and after)


It’s the dreaded ‘C’ word – Christmas!! It’s just under six weeks until Christmas, and you may be wanting to have one last ‘push’ at losing weight in time for the day itself, or your work Christmas party. I am hoping this blog … Continue reading


Why You Should Care



“The information from your blog has helped me relate to people who are battling sickness, are affected by a loved one who is battling, or an individual who has overcome and beaten their disease or illness.” – Bryan Why should … Continue reading


How “Seconds Matter” to someone living with arthritis


image blog arthritis

With more than 100 forms of arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases, the cost to the UK for musculoskeletal conditions is over £5billion annually. With Arthritis being a disease that affects more than 10 million people of all ages across the UK, … Continue reading


So Long Schizophrenia! My Final Blog Post Here


I’ve come to a big decision regarding this blog. Over the last two and a half years, I have written many blog posts about schizophrenia, hospital stays and my battles with mental health problems in the past and I believe … Continue reading


4 Ways That Green Tea Helps Weight Loss


Progesterone helps weight loss as it rids the body of excess fluid, but one fluid you want to increase is tea. Black tea helps osteoporosis, but green tea has many other health benefits including helping get rid of those extra … Continue reading


My Broken Puzzle Pieces



Life is a balancing act.  Everyone has to balance their time, money, energy, relationships, and goals.  Everyone’s balance looks different depending on what is important to them.   But inherent in the definition of balance is the idea of having … Continue reading


Say Again



I feel like writing something that is funny, but I am not really a funny person, and I know that, so instead, I am going to write about things other people have said that are funny! How am I going … Continue reading


Homemade Garlic Bread


Have you ever considered making your own garlic bread? Garlic bread is a tasty accompaniment to a meal, but due to the fact that it’s so easily available in shops, you have probably never considered making it yourself. Shop bought garlic bread … Continue reading


Cancer prompts marriage, travelling and thrill-seeking


Getting married, travelling to Australia and skydiving are the three most common things Brits would do if they were diagnosed with cancer. When asked to name three things they would add to a bucket list if they were told they … Continue reading


Are Plastics Affecting Your Libido?


Low libido can be due to many causes, and progesterone does stimulate sex drive in women, but there is also a hidden factor in your everyday life that may be having an effect too. A frequent question for women at … Continue reading


Staying Connected In a Lonely World


It appears ironic that in this age of information and our ability to engage more freely, we are perhaps ever more lonely – in our physical connectedness.  +1035   


Keeping your Sh*t a Secret



When you go to the bathroom as many times as I do a day, you learn some tips and tricks to avoiding potentially embarrassing situations when taking crap.  So here are some of my most prizes tips to to avoiding … Continue reading


Sorry seems to be the hardest word…


So after a few days without my family I sit here babysitting my Godson Marley and his sister whilst his Mum and Dad go out for a well earned meal – it feels a bit like a busman’s holiday to … Continue reading


Come Back Food



Last Thursday I walked to the mailroom to pick up my box of IV nutrition.  When I got there, the box was heavier than normal and my heart sank and my mind started spinning… Heavier box = more TPN = … Continue reading


If The Sports Bra Fits, Jump in it!


freya active sports bra

I love my sports tops, I have about four matching Lonsdale sets that are always ready for an impromptu workout. I don’t tend to wear sports bras, especially those with underwire, because they tend to compress my chest. Instead I … Continue reading


Cancer Survival in England: Adults Diagnosed 2008 to 2012, followed up to 2013


Open book. Clipping path

Headline figures The trend of increasing survival continued for cancer patients diagnosed during 2008–2012. Survival is generally lower for older patients than younger patients, even after adjusting for death from other causes than cancer. Five-year net survival is over 80% for … Continue reading


Eczema: guilt-ridden, relentless helicoptering!


Hard to relax with eczema kids

There has been much talk over the years of allergy parents being forced to become the much-mocked ‘helicopter’ parent out of necessity and panic over their child.  Watching everything your child eats and touches and is given to avoid an … Continue reading