I feel like writing something that is funny, but I am not really a funny person, and I know that, so instead, I am going to write about things other people have said that are funny!

How am I going to do this you ask?  Well, sometimes people say  the funniest things to me about my Crohns Disease.  Sooo I am going to do a 10 top countdown of the top ten most non thought through things people have said that are also rather hilarious when you think about them.

Top 10 Countdown

“So, you stay thin because you have chronic illness?  Man that doesn’t sound like a bad deal.  Sign me up”

9. “Do you ever wish you just weren’t sick?”

8. “Well I guess missing two feet of intestines makes you weight less, so don’t complain.”

7. “You don’t have cancer, so you should be grateful”

6. “It can’t be that bad…”

5. “Gosh, I wish I could get that much sleep”

4. “You have the diet of a five year old, I’m so jealous!”

3. “I’ve had the stomach flu, so I totally know what you are going through!”

2. “Man I would kill to be able to eat whatever I want and not gain weight!”

1. And the winner…”I’m sure you are fine!”

Now it’s your turn.  Comment with the funniest things people have ever said to you about your Crohns disease!  I’d love to hear what you have to say as Im sure it is similar to my experience with my not so normal life.


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