I know, I know, you’re already fed up with my bleating on about winning the Best FreeFrom Blogger Award (I am really rather proud of that), but I have also been accepted into the UK Blog Awards 2015 which is massive.
UK blog Awards
I had to fill in a long form and say why I thought What Allergy? should be considered and I got through! They must have liked something, I’m rubbish at forms.

The public vote has already begun, from the 10th of November until the 1st of December 2014 you lot can have your say. After this 20 finalists (10 individuals and 10 organisations) will be chosen to face the expert judging panel with the winners being announced at an award ceremony in April 2015. Eeek! #UKBA15 #BeBold

Yikes! Must be 15 odd years since my last interview…

The UK Blog Awards have numerous categories and What Allergy is in two of them:

Best Health Blog

Most innovative blog

So you have just TWO weeks to vote.

Voting closes on 1st December.

If I can win the Best FreeFrom Blogger then I can make a damn good attempt at this one. Shame about the timing, begging for votes two months on the trot seems a bit much, but it’s so easy to vote.

Just put your name and email address and hit VOTE. Go for it. It’s your way of rewarding your favourite bloggers for all their hard work, because take if from me, blogging is a passion, it takes a lot of effort, time and research but it’s so much fun.

Yours Best FreeFrom Blogger 2014
It still hasn’t quite sunk in…me an award winner? Can I do it twice?


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