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What gets me is those people who will say, “Steak WITH cheese sauce please. I can eat EVERYTHING.” They say this after I have ordered mine, checking they don’t ‘butter the steak’, requesting no sauce, and checking whether the mushrooms are cooked in butter and asking not to have the onion rings or tomato.

Well woop de woop. Bully for you. You lucky ****. I used to be like you and I would love to just say, “Lamb shank please” or “Steak and ale pie” without having to qualify and clarify that I am not going to be served a meal that will send me into anaphylaxis.

Or when you order a drink, people who just have to say it. They can’t help themselves. Oh you know who you are.

When I order a black coffee or some kind of herbal tea, or request a hot beverage without the dairy milk, trying not to make a fuss, because really I am not fussy… is THIS comment.

“Just builders’ tea, milk, no sugar, as it comes. I can’t drink that cat’s piss stuff.”

Well once again. Thanks for sharing. If I’m honest I would rather not be drinking the cat’s piss either, but because I don’t have much choice, and because I would like to join in with normal life and share a drink with you so called ‘normal’ people, I am quite happy to have just a glass of water if it is the only safe option.

And to be quite honest, anything is better than stewed black tea. Even cat’s piss herbal stuff, trust me on that.

My taste buds have changed, and my mind set has had to change. I can’t sit sobbing for ever mourning for the loss of a proper cup of tea with normal milk… so why, oh why, do people who CAN eat and drink what they like, have to make such a big thing out of how AMAZINGLY unfussy they are.

Believe me, before this shit happened to me I was quite probably THE least fussy eater on the planet. I loved school dinners, I looked forward to airline food, I enjoyed all foods, including Brussels sprouts, pot noodle, my mum’s cooking (this is just to check if she is reading…), basically as unfussy as you can get.

If you were ordering food with a vegetarian, would you say, “I’ll have the 20 oz steak because I love meat and am proud to be a meat eater and am just dying to eat my rare steak in front of you, you vegan fussy freak.” Would you? Would you say that?

If you were dining with someone who needed to use a wheelchair, and who asked about disabled access and toilet facilities, would you say, “Oh my legs work just fine, I can run and walk and sit in a normal chair, I’m no trouble because lucky for me I’m a completely normal moron.”

No you would not, because that is rude, but for some reason, belittling people with allergies, and being smugly proud of your ability to eat anything makes you feel good. Allergies are real. They are not a choice, like vegetarianism, or being vegan. We are not being fussy. I have been to A&E more times than I would like to remember because of anaphylactic reactions caused by my allergies. Thankfully I am still here, but I am only here because I check, check and check again and avoid the allergens that could kill me, at all cost.

All I ask? Be bloody grateful that you are lucky enough not to have allergies and have the good grace to order your meal simply, normally, with no comments about how bloody normal you are… because I would bloody love to be able to do that.

This blog post was inspired by a rather brilliant article by Lane Moore Stop lying about having food allergies which is something else that really winds me up… A great read and I completely get everything she says. It makes life for us people with allergies so much harder so quit lying OK? If you can eat a bit of bread or some milk in your tea every now and then YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ALLERGY…



An allergy and health writer and freelance copywriter, Ruth is passionate about helping those with allergies and food intolerances take control, embrace their condition, and learn to live with and love who they are. It can be very lonely finding you have allergies and discovering what helps you can be a life long journey. What works for one person won't work for another, so after trying nearly every allergy treatment under the sun and finding hours of research necessary to keep abreast of what's going on, Ruth started writing her blog, What Allergy? in April 2009. Ruth has life threatening allergies herself to all nuts, all diary, tomatoes and celery and knows first-hand what it's like to have an anaphylactic attack. Voted in the Top 5 UK allergy blogs by Cision UK in 2011, What Allergy is packed full of interesting articles, hints and tips and product reviews which are a must read for anyone with allergies, food intolerances or sensitivities, asthma and eczema. From subjects such as "What is celery allergy?" to "Surviving a holiday abroad with allergies", it's packed with useful and interesting information. You can register free for a weekly newsletter by visiting her website and also keep in touch by following her on Facebook and Twitter.

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