This is the third part in my write up of Ravenstone Manor in Bassenthwaite in the Lake District. I stayed there with my husband for a week last year and the food was amazing. I had so much to say I’ve split the review into four parts. You can catch up here
Ravenstone Manor in the Lake District – an allergics dream come true
Ravenstone Manor with allergies: The starters (part two)

Here goes, I’m writing about all these from memory now and the holiday was back in October, my memory is not what it used to be. You try remember what you ate every night on your last holiday…

I think I missed off one main meal but here are four amazing creations from chef Chris Bridges.

I think this first one was duck with black pudding on a bed of mashed potato. The black pudding is gluten, wheat and dairy free and is supplied by a local company who provide the gluten free sausages too.

Duck is one my most favourite meals and this was cooked pink, just how I like it and with black pudding. What a treat. Not everyone’s taste I know but I haven’t had any for years. (not a very good photograph sorry, I blame the wine)

Duck with black pudding on a bed of herb mashed potato

Duck with black pudding on a bed of herb mashed potato

I love fish and I think this particular choice was salmon, which was melt in the mouth delicious. Having a potato cake like that was also such a treat and went really well with the fish – made a change from chips or jacket potato.

wheat and dairy free fish main course

Pan fried salmon with a sweet potato cake

One of my favourite slow cooked meats is lamb, this meal didn’t disappoint. It just fell off the bone and came with a fantastic rich gravy, all home made by the chef and freefrom all the 14 allergens and tomato and celery, just for me. (Awful photograph… but you’ll have to take my word for it.)

Slow roasted lamb shank at Ravenstone Manor

Slow roasted lamb shank at Ravenstone Manor

When I see trout on a menu I am always drawn to it. It’s my favourite fish and is really good for me too so this had to be one of my meals during the week. I just love the taste of trout. Very tasty.

Gluten free and dairy free trout with watercress and saute potatoes

Gluten free and dairy free trout with watercress and saute potatoes

I’m sure I had something else too but can’t remember now what it was. Possibly chicken… I had my eye on one of the chicken mains.

They do have steak on the menu and always a few specials but the menu is adaptable and always gluten free for all you coeliacs out there.

This really is a safe place to eat out with coeliac disease or allergies. The chef is an inspiration and all the staff get it, they understand and are able to answer most questions or find out from the kitchen about any concerns you might have. They made me feel special, never a pain, and it was so much fun. I have honestly never enjoyed food in a hotel quite like I did here. Never. Go there!

You can book on their website but do tell them I sent you ;o)


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