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If you haven’t read the introduction to Ravenstone Manor visit, “Ravenstone Manor in the Lakes – an allergen free dream come true”, start there first, then come back to read about the starters.

I have so much to say that I’m splitting this blog into sections, since we were there FIVE nights – that’s quite a lot of food!

I’m used to just waiting out the starters at restaurants, maybe having a salad or a bowl of olives. Parma ham and melon if we’re really pushing the boat out. Soups are usually off limits as if they are wheat and dairy free, they are rarely celery and tomato free. I don’t even mind not having a starter, I don’t have a massive appetite so usually the main course is enough to fill me up.

During this holiday I enjoyed a different starter every evening. EVERY NIGHT!

I even got to partake from the bread basket. The baked bread and rolls they serve at Ravenstone are really amazing. Everyone has the same bread since the whole place is gluten free so it has to be good. Honestly you can’t tell the difference it’s that amazing. If you want to try this bread visit The Wheat Free Bakery website.

I even got my own little pot of dairy free spread; they got fed up with me checking every night that it really was my dairy free margerine but it’s a good habit to have. In the end when they brought out the bread they delivered my spread saying, this your dairy free spead… all the staff were aware that I had allergies and made a point of putting my mind at rest and checking everything was OK.

Gluten and wheat free bread roll

Gluten and wheat free bread roll from the Wheat Free Bakery Direct

Things were looking good, just having the bread roll would usually be starter enough for me, we don’t have starters at home, just one main meal.

So here are just a few of the starters we had, I didn’t photograph them all.

This fresh and simple prawn salad was delicious with a sticky honey glaze – all ingredients checked with the chef prior to the meal.

Prawn with honey glaze and fresh salad

Prawn with honey glaze and fresh salad

Soup another night made with coconut milk and really delicious with a bit of a kick. I am actually guessing that it was cauliflower and coconut… I will check with the chef if he can remember. However all you need to know is that it was a real treat to have home made soup like that not made by me! I usually make lentil soup and don’t experiment so this made a lovely change.

Wheat and dairy free coconut and cauliflower soup

Wheat and dairy free coconut and cauliflower soup

Being able to order pate from a menu is a distant dream so I really enjoyed this starter. I have made pate myself a long time ago but it’s a bit of a faff so this was must order option.

Chicken liver pate with more of that gluten free bread

Chicken liver pate with more of that gluten free bread

And some more soup, this time red pepper which was lovely and warming after a long walk up Skiddaw that day. If you haven’t done this walk, there is an easy route up from Keswick. We walked from the Ravenstone Manor hotel straight up a harder route and it was the coming back down that almost did for me. Oh my thigh muscles.

Red pepper soup with a gluten and wheat free bread roll

Red pepper soup with a gluten and wheat free bread roll

There was another starter but I fear we’d been for a drink in the pub on the way home that day and I forgot both my camera, to take the snaps, and my senses to even remember what it was I ate.

Lets just say, I was working my way down the menu, trying all the starters that the chef had told me would be suitable – which was loads of them. There were only a few meals on the whole menu that were off limits.

Chris (chef) – If I have described these starters badly please put me right. It’s been so long since we visited.
I am already looking at the calendar to plan our next visit, we loved it there so much. However my waistline may not be able to take quite so much food in future. The novelty of being faced with so much choice was more than I could handle. My eyes were bigger than my stomach.

Ravenstone Manor won the Hotels and B&Bs Award in the FreeFrom Eating Out Awards 2014.

Watch and wait for reviews of the main meals, puddings AND breakfast…



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