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How are your New Year’s resolutions going – did you make some and were they health related?  We have just had a quick check round to see what some of the talkhealth team’s new year resolutions are and how they are getting on now into day 5…

Karen’s is take more exercise – slow starter so far – but swimming on the horizon this week and pilates.  Helen’s goal is once she has had her baby – (which was a surprise announcement for everyone including Helen in December!) is to be able to get back quickly into her favourite dress for a wedding potentially 7 weeks after the birth…As she says she already has an advantage as alcohol is out of the window now anyway.


Deborah – well Deborah has made quite a few…. Deborah as you already know is a keen runner but alas the last couple of months she has been really struggling with her knees and three weeks ago after a scan she was given the verdict of Osteoarthritis and subsequent bone damage.  This was a big blow for Deborah who has done so much in supporting her local community in founding a running club and providing some great couch to 5k sessions for new runners.  So – her attention is now on power walking and building up a following.  Plus to quick start a small weight loss to help her knees she is on a 300 calories a meal regime.  She has also given up caffeine (moving on to green tea) for January along with alcohol.

Catriona is also on the Dry January theme – along with giving up her beloved chocolate, cakes, biscuits and sweets.  Not sure how long after January this will last – but definitely the target is in huge moderation compared to previous months.

Rosy – another of our ladies is expecting a baby – but this one is soon in mid March and weighing already a good 4lbs… Rosy’s focus she says will be to get back to the body she had before and as quickly as possible…and no messing…

Alison is trying to eat more balanced meals as she says she eats too many carbohydrates and not enough protein. She has also running doing regular 5K runs, and wants to increase this to 10K runs.

We await to hear from others of the team as when we asked for declarations a few disappeared far too quickly out the door ….  Await an update end of January to see how we are all doing… but interested to hear about yours and to share with others.

P.S – Now we have started discussing it more Karen has said that she will go back soon on to the 5:2 diet which she had been successfully following last year as she found it fitted very well into her lifestyle and easy to maintain.



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