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I think I have found a new favourite restaurant. In fact I know I have. Pure Taste is not only totally gluten free but also completely dairy free as well, so before you even start looking at the menu that’s two allergens to stop worrying about.

This makes ordering food when you have multiple allergies just that little bit easier. I am already planning my next visit, this place was just superb and amazing value for money. I went with my best friend Karen (who can eat everything and has no allergies as it happens) and we chose from the 3 course set menu which costs just £19.95. For the standard of cooking, beautiful presentation and excellent quality of the food I’d say that’s great value for money.

Cured bass with rhubarb and leaves

First of all, isn’t it pretty? I almost didn’t want to eat it it looked so perfect. I’m not sure I’ve ever even eaten cured bass before so another first for me and it didn’t disappoint. The taste was so delicate and with the rhubarb and little flowers it was a taste sensation. I could have eaten another plateful of that starter. Delicious and totally free from dairy, wheat, gluten, egg, soya and nuts.

Cured bass with rhubarb. leaves and flowers #DF #WF #EG #NF #SF

Cured bass with rhubarb, leaves and flowers #DF #WF #EG #NF #SF

Asian pork with cabbage and potatoes

I chose pork because I don’t normally cook it at home and it did sound quite intriguing too. The waiter recommended it and other people were ordering it too so it looked like a good choice. I devoured it. You’re lucky I even got a photo of it, it was really tasty, perfectly seasoned and lovely with the cabbage and little discs of potato that were like saute potatoes.

Karen had trout with paleo paella which was also suitable for me. I did sneak a quick taste and that was superb. The paella was made from cauliflower and was delicious. Trout is one of my favourite fish, not least because it’s so good for you if you have eczema skin like me. Next time it might have to be the trout.

Asian pork with cabbage and potato #DF #WF #NF #SF #EF at Pure Taste Restaurant, London

Asian pork with cabbage and potato #DF #WF #NF #SF #EF

Roast pineapple with mint ice cream and coconut tuile

Last but by no means least, the pudding. Pudding for me when eating out is usually fruit salad, sorbet if I’m really lucky or a mint tea, so to have something as beautiful as this arrive, well it made my day. The ice cream was so fresh and tasted like it was made from fresh mint leaves. The tuile was crunchy and not too sweet. nb. the chocolate in the tuile did contain soya lecithin but I can tolerate this even though I have a soya allergy. Weird that I can’t even drink a drop of soya milk but the soya lecithin is so processed that no protein remains so most people with a soya allergy should be OK with it.
And the roast pineapple, well I’ve honestly never tasted anything quite like it before. It was chewy and almost caramelised and really scrummy, it went really well with the ice cream and tuile.

Roast pineapple, mint coconut ice cream and coconut tuile at Pure Taste Restaurant - gluten, wheat, nut, dairy and soya free

Roast pineapple, mint ice cream and coconut tuile

I would like to thank Holly Redman, the driving force behind Pure Taste Restaurant in London. I have to meet her in person one day so that is my next mission. What a woman. Here is a bit about Holly and her vision for Pure Taste from their website:

“A nutritional therapist, chef and chemistry graduate, Holly Redman is the driving force behind Pure Taste. Since discovering the benefits of a gluten-free and paleo diet, her kitchen has been a non-stop hive of experimentation.

Motivated by a passion for seriously delicious food, Holly’s mission is to change the way people see free-from food – from an uninspiring dietary restriction to a mouth-watering way of eating that leaves you feeling less bloated and more energized.

Holly is a regular author in the blog section of the website. There you can keep up to date with the latest dishes, ingredients, recipes and everything Pure Taste.”

Now the only reason they didn’t get a 10/10 was purely down to me being really picky. The waiter was excellent but I wasn’t entirely sure he understood quite how serious my allergy was. Being told, “yes that dish is fine” is great, but a little more knowledge would have helped, in allaying my fears. But I needn’t have worried. Everything went brilliantly and he was quite happy to keep going back to check things would be OK.

I asked for the twitter address to which he replied, with a slightly shocked expression on his face, Waiter: “oh, right, well erm, yeah I am on twitter but…”
Me: “Oh, no I meant the restaurant, not you!”
Did he think I wanted to tweet him? Made us laugh anyway and for those of you who tweet, the are @ptrestaurants so not the easiest one to guess.

I would have also liked a little more information before going, just to help me stop worrying so much. I did let them know about my allergies when I booked online and phoned up to check, but I didn’t go into great detail on the phone like I usually prefer to do. Us allergy worriers like to have all the bases covered and it’s always better to check everything rather than take any risks.

Knowing you are in a totally gluten and dairy free restaurant certainly goes a long way to achieving that.

They do have nuts in the restaurant and some meals contain nuts but the menu is clearly marked. Always double check if you’re not sure, the staff are very helpful and the chef is obviously a genius.

So next time you’re in London please check this place out but do book, they get busy in the evenings and weekends. It’s located in W2 near Bayswater tube station but we walked from Paddington for some extra exercise.



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