To coincide with our Online Clinics we ran a survey in November on Erectile Dysfunction, in December on Drink Awareness and in January on Weight Management.  A brief summary of the results are below with links to the full findings.

November Survey on Erectile Dysfunction

Young Man in Boxer Shorts. Model ReleasedWhen it came to Erectile Dysfunction our findings show the perception that it’s an issue for the old and that peoples’ natural answer to say ‘not an issue for us’ is blown apart, with 68% of men finding they first experienced an issue before the age of 50 and 70% feeling totally under confident in being able to reach a full erection without some form of medication.

The most popular causes given for ED problems were cited as the side effect of taking another form of medication and following close behind psychological issues. The impact of suffering ED problems quickly transfers to the effect it has on personal relationships with the majority feeling (67%) that it had an immediate negative effect, with people finding it difficult to discuss with problems with a partner. This then translated in to over 60% finding having ED issues highly affected their general confidence levels.

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December Survey on Drink Awareness

Our talkhealth survey in December was aimed at both raising the problems of drinking along with asking people to recognise their own relationship with alcohol. Over 500 people completed the survey with 82% saying that they do drink alcohol. The most common age that people took their first drink was between the ages of 15-17 years old.

For most wine was identified as the most popular drink, followed by spirits and then larger. Whereas a few years ago, most people would drink outside the home, statistics now show that many drink at home, and this is demonstrated by 92% of our respondents drinking at home.

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To discuss more about issues surrounding alcohol, you may wish to chat amongst other talkhealth members within our talkalcohol forum.

January Survey on Weight Management

Our weight management survey was open to everyone – those that felt underweight, overweight or in fact are at the correct weight for their height, age and build. We wanted to learn more from you as to how you felt being the weight you are at and what impact positive and negative does this have on your emotional wellbeing. Plus what works for you – what are you best tips? And have your weight issues been a life long battle, or just a recent one?

Respondents to the weight survey ranged from under 20 to over 70 with most being women. Of the respondents, 68% deemed themselves as being overweight.

Both underweight and overweight people reported that others passed comment on their weight. There was a marked difference in how underweight and overweight respondents said their weight concerns impacted their emotional well being with only 8% of underweight respondents saying it had a negative impact whilst 56% of overweight respondents saying it had a negative impact.

See here for the full results…

To discuss more about weight management, you may wish to chat amongst other talkhealth members within our talkweight forum.



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