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Promising to get fit and lose weight is the start of a long journey. Far harder is actually sticking to your commitments and following through on your promise. Weight loss requires dedication, motivation and the right information. However, all too often the pressures and commitments of modern life get in the way. These five state-of-the-art pieces of technology will aid you in your quest to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

1. The Fitbug fitness tracker

fitbug-fitness-trackerThe Fitbug tracker is designed to stay with you throughout your daily life. Wear it on several areas of your body, and simply forget about it. This innovative device will measure your activity and store your data until you connect a suitable mobile device. The Fitbug device will monitor the number total steps you take, and even provide you with separate data for aerobic steps. You can also track the net calories you consume or expend for up to one year.

Link your Fitbug to a smartphone or tablet, and receive real-time data on everything from your sleeping patterns to the number of calories you burn. You’ll receive trends, advice and motivation as you progress towards your weight loss goal, so you’ll always stay focussed and motivated.

2. A Kiqplan digital fitness program

kiqplan_main_lunges-100528600-largeKiqplan digital fitness programs are intuitive and interactive. Choose between four very specific weight loss programs: ‘slim + trim’, ‘beer belly blaster’, ‘healthy baby bump’ and ‘goodbye baby bump’. You can then pair these intuitive mobile apps with a device of your choice, including the Fitbug tracker. Enter your personal information, and then set your goals. You will be provided with workout videos, recipe ideas and lifestyle advice along the way.

Meet your targets, and you’ll be rewarded with achievement badges. However, if you happen to fall behind, your Kiqplan program will provide you with advice, personalised workout routines and appropriate recipes in order to get you back on track. This mobile app gives you the knowledge and experience of personal trainers in the palm of your hand.

3. Smart scales

One of the key ingredients to controlled and sustained weight loss is consistency. Too many people try to lose lots of weight very quickly with exercise and diet programs that are simply sustainable. You should aim to lose around two to three pounds every week, and a set of digital smart scales should help you in that respect. Simply stand on the scales, and your data will be sent to a personal profile via Bluetooth. Your weight, heart rate and blood pressure stats can then be tracked in conjunction with your activity and calorie consumption data.

4. Biometric earphones

If you like to listen to music when working out, a set of the latest biometric earphones could be ideal. As well as delivering high-quality music, they can monitor and record a selection of biometric and physiological data, including heart rate, speed, distance, respiration rate and energy expenditure.

5. Heart Rate Wrist Watch

A simple and discreet heart rate wrist watch is a very easy way of ensuring that your cardiovascular fitness improves as you step up your health and fitness regime. Some models include a very simple digital display, or they can often be paired with another device for wireless upload. As you become fitter, your sedentary heart rate will slow, so tracking it continually is a very important part of assessing your progress.

Losing weight and keeping it off can be an uphill battle if you don’t have the motivation and information you need to succeed. With these innovative health and fitness gadgets at your disposal, the sky is the limit.


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  1. rodney

    I have bought and use the Fitbug Orb and the Kiqplan Beer Belly Blaster. They are fantastic. I never thought I, aged 76, would ever be dieting and being controlled (eg., “Its time you should move or go for a walk” appearing on my mobile as I laze around etc.,) by my phone – but Kiqplan is VERY persuasive. Excellent product THOROUGHLY recommended!

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